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  1. Sweeedzz

    Can I use any VW SD card for the navigation?

    Hi, you can disable the card's CID check by connecting to the mib via RJ45 and some command line, the only problem is that you need a specific USB A -> RJ45. I did it when I switched from MIB1 to MIB2.5 and today I have a 64GB SD card at 8€ with europe. Works perfectly.
  2. Sweeedzz

    Need help for rear view camera

    Hi everyone, I need people who know about rear view camera retrofit. I explain, I have a golf 7 1.6 TDI 2014 I made a retrofit of the mib for a mib 2 (3Q0035874C) and I would like today to put a reversing camera but on Ali Express there are several models. I'm especially afraid of making a...