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    Golf GTE is it worth the risk

    I second golfdave's point on the GTE. I am really keen on electric/hybrid, but the GTE is much heavier due to the batteries, so if you do not charge it before every journey (or plan to do long-distance journeys) you will be pulling more weight with a smaller engine, so it will actually be less...
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    Garage in South-West London

    Hi all, Sorry for the dull topic. Recently moved to London and looking for a reliable garage who would help in general servicing and be open to tuning. Does anyone have any recommendations? Car: Mk7 GTI (2014) Location: South-West London (Vauxhall) - obviously will travel, but VagTech is too...
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    Coolant System Failure Mk7 GTI PP 2014

    Ha Tea Bag, love that (apart from the consequences). Right, cheers for the confirmation. How long are these expected to last? Do you know of a reason they are being shady about it? Wondering if they think they're in some way culpable...
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    Coolant System Failure Mk7 GTI PP 2014

    Hi all, New to the forums and looking for advice on my 70,000 mile mk7 GTI (Performance Pack), hopefully without breaking any forum taboo! Any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance. Summary Catastrophic coolant system failure occurred recently, required full replacement the entire...