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    Adding cornering lights

    Hi, I’ve done this retrofit using the Rs headlights and needed an extra module for the headlights range control (hex55) and connect to the gateway to be able to work, not mentioning a new harness that I had to pass to be able to make it work.
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    Possibility of EA888 style intake system retrofit on 1.4T EA211?

    I’m still trying to find the answers/guide for this as well.
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    Show us your MK7

    Do it!!! It worth it every single effort. In my case it was harder because I had to upgrade the BCM and I got it from a MK7.5 and I couldn't do it through long coding, I had to do everythong via adaptations and it's all in German. 😢 More than happy to help you out if you decide to go ahead (you...
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    Any worries / thoughts buying seats from wreckers?

    Hi, My full GTI interior came from a wrecker in Sydney, I had no problems with that but you need to know what you're doing. First try to get the same type of seats, ie. if yours one have manual control try to keep the same as it's a pain on the neck to get everything wired, also, keep in mind...
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    Show us your MK7

    They are from the R, one of the hardest retrofit I've done so far... install them was't too bad but to code them correctly took me weeks.
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    Show us your MK7

    I finally remembered to take some pictures of the car after I washed... I never get tired to see those seats!
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    VCDS check timing chain stretch

    Hi, Same situation here as well, I aways seen people saying about negative readings and I checked my today and was +5.1 degrees!?!?!? I know for the fact that I'm due to change anyway and I'll be stoping the car in a week to get it done. Does anyone has any information about it?
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    Hi there, I just done the upgrade a couple weeks ago but I’ve been having few problems related to the flaps and compressor sync, they are not working. I tried in both ways (pressing the buttons and VCDS as well) but still not working. Did anyone have this problem as well? Also, just want to...
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    Retrofit of facelift BCM into pre-facelift Mk7 (in progress, please help 😬)

    Hi @Cuzoe, Here's the thread that I have in RT (Ross-Tech) regarding my AFS retrofit. I do have the Ad-maps and scans from before and after the new BMC. The ad-map of the old BCM: ;SW:5Q0-937-086-M HW:5Q0-937-086-M --- Cent. Elect. --- SA: 31347 ;Component:BCM PQ37BOSCH 026...
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    Retrofit of facelift BCM into pre-facelift Mk7 (in progress, please help 😬)

    Hi there, I followed the link in my thread in RT and registering here to following up. I’ve been there upgrading the BCM from a MK7,5 (mine being a MK7) and had all the weird issues, I still have some ones related to the rear doors but no errors in my scan due the new BCM coming from a 2 doors...
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    Possibility of EA888 style intake system retrofit on 1.4T EA211?

    Hi, I do really love the OEM look, well done!!! Any chance you could share what was the process to convert it? I was just about to pull the trigger and get a new turbo inlet and intake pipe but I definitely would go this way. Thanks!
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    Show us your MK7

    G’day from down under! He’s my current project, still in constantly evolution and not anywhere close to stop! It’s quite old (changed few things after the picture had been taken), I’ll try to post another one under the sun.