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  1. S-4Motion

    Folding mirror upgrade - reversing mirror dip and mirror memory

    Any chance you can just post it here please?
  2. S-4Motion

    2.0t HPFP swap on 1.8t

    Definitely curious about your 2.0 swap. Do you know if it's the same as the Golf r motor with vvt exhaust? Do you have a thread about this build?
  3. S-4Motion

    [SOLD]FS: Oryx White Pearl Front Badge Insert

    Does this come with the Halo too?
  4. S-4Motion

    SOLD: Alltrack/Sportwagen RokBloxz Mudflaps

    OP's flaps are actually RokBloxz mudflaps.
  5. S-4Motion

    Power Liftgate mod recommendation ?

    Oh I see now, I thought there was more, thanks!
  6. S-4Motion

    Power Liftgate mod recommendation ?

    Would you kindly post the entire installation instructions? I really like how this kit doesn't require drilling, and I want to see where it wants to plug in behind the HVAC. Thank you.
  7. S-4Motion

    2019 Golf Folding Mirror Retrofit - Door Modules

    I'm also curious as I also have '19 Wagon,will be watching here just in case.
  8. S-4Motion

    2019 GTI Part Out --- BUMP --- winter discount

    Items were well packed and arrived quickly. Thanks a bunch!
  9. S-4Motion OEM Roof Rack Lowering Kit - Review & Install

    That looks great! I love low profile crossbars, glad to see some for the hatchbacks. I'd love to see a front/back view on the car. I couldn't find the seller until I googled it, so here's a link in case anyone wants it: LINK
  10. S-4Motion

    MIB2.5 Discover Pro retrofit with 9.2in screen unlocked

    Is the included harness the extension for retrofitting into vehicles that do not have a glovebox brain unit? I have a 2019 Golf Sportwagen S 4Motion, so I have the most basic radio with no HD, sirius, or navigation, do I need to get an higher level antenna for all that? Thank you in advance.
  11. S-4Motion

    For Sale: Thule Roof Rack (WingBar Edge & One-Key System) - NNJ

    Sorry for the unrelated, but what wind deflectors are those?
  12. S-4Motion

    It's the subtle cosmetic mods I like... POST YOURS

    Is this an OEM part or did you 3D print this? If it's OEM what's the part number?
  13. S-4Motion

    Wheel shaving to bring down offset

    That looks like a factory defect, I'd try contacting their customer support first. I'm not an engineer but that much extra metal should be fine to be shaved, since the other wheel's mounting surface isn't that raised. I don't even know how you would actually attach it to the car with that much...
  14. S-4Motion

    Combining rear deadset kit with rear subframe inserts....possible?

    Someone on VWVortex found that you can use the lower collars from the front Tyrol kit to fit inside the 034 bushing fillers in the rear, I don't know about other combinations but that one does work. Source
  15. S-4Motion

    FS: FAS tuning MK7.5 R Reps

    Those are hatchback spoiler fins. The ebay posting you posted has the right ones and are different from the ones you have.
  16. S-4Motion

    ECS rear stress bar = moar harsh?

    Sweet trunk set up. (y) If you do sell them I might pick them up if the price is right.
  17. S-4Motion

    ECS rear stress bar = moar harsh?

    Which ones do you have if I may ask?
  18. S-4Motion

    EventhorizoN VW GTI S build

    Mark 7 Really Rfast