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    Recent concert

    Buddy of mine from college had a show so I went to take some pics. Didn't care for shots with the flash luckily my 35mm f/1.8 did some good work. All shots Marcus(3) by grmncrsnbr, on Flickr ChrisBarrett(14) by grmncrsnbr, on...
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    First wedding Rehearsal

    Did this for some friends a few weekends ago. Was overall happy with the shots for my first time. C&C are welcome Full set Some favs RnCRehearsal(19) by grmncrsnbr, on Flickr RnCRehearsal(13) by grmncrsnbr, on Flickr...
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    I take pics, my 365 Project

    Starting a little 365 project myself Day001 by grmncrsnbr, on Flickr Trying some new things with a flash. This was taken yesterday :thumbsup:
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    My Pup

    Rescued this dude last week, hes about 1-1.5 years old.
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    Meet at VW/Audi HQ

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    Proper HDR thread

    Thought it would be cool to have a thread with pictures properly using the HDR technique, ie, non surreal images. It shouldn't look like a painting or out of a video game.
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    iPad Photo Editing

    Been messing with some of the apps for the iPad. Works pretty well, some filters along with some other basic level settings. Tilt Shift Generator Photogene
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    Went Hiking

    Did some hiking this weekend with a friend, her two dogs and her roommate's dog. Click here pic to see more.
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    Photoshop Please

    I need someone to replace the 19in MRRs with the Rotiforms in 19in. kthx