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  1. Mindfields

    Crazy Neighbors

    This is what happens when you live in Utah, you must not be in the same ward.
  2. Mindfields

    Un-Knowledgeable Sales People

    Was test driving a .:R, asked about the AWD system, he stated that it was FWD, after that, I stopped asking him questions and defiantly didn't buy a car from him.
  3. Mindfields

    VW R400

    That's sweet that's it's going to happen ! I'm gonna hafta move out of the states !
  4. Mindfields

    VW R400

    Man, that's sick! I wish I could have it!
  5. Mindfields

    Just in: Paul Walker possibly dead

    I apologize, I let my emotions get the best of me, in the end I just want to express ... Please everyone be SAFE and always be IN CONTROL, and always, always WEAR your SEATBELT!
  6. Mindfields

    Just in: Paul Walker possibly dead

  7. Mindfields

    Just in: Paul Walker possibly dead

    I google mapped the area and was soo near AE performance shop, I was thinking this could have been a normal test run that went bad for Paul and his friend Roger Rodas
  8. Mindfields

    Just in: Paul Walker possibly dead

    Devastating, and sad, prayers go out to his family and loved ones ... RIP F&F is defiantly one of the stepping stone to car enthusiasm, I was recently self reflecting on my driving habits and will continue to criticize myself to be safer ... ALWAYS BUCKLE UP and be in CONTROL !
  9. Mindfields

    Fiesta ST beats BRZ around track

    I think the Fiesta ST is a pretty sweet little hatch, the rear wheel lifting off the ground is cool and the FT86 looks nice from the outside.
  10. Mindfields

    As a Man...

    Yeah I've been contemplating doing some local bbq competitions :D
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    I cant stand mine for long hours of djing
  12. Mindfields


    SKULLCANDY Mix Masters, most comfortable headphones to date (Technic RP-DH 1200, Sony MDR-V700, Sony MDR-V900 before this set)
  13. Mindfields

    Tell me, are americans in arizona this crazy??

    Only that our courts stated an assault & battery with a deadly weapon, stupid, personally ... people make mistakes, im certain he is very sorry, jail time ? ... maybe a few days ... drivers safty class ... definatly .... fine ... of course ... 7 years ... only if he was really a crazed lunatic...
  14. Mindfields

    Tell me, are americans in arizona this crazy??

    With all stories the "true" story usually a little bit of both stories ... although harsh sentance, he made a mistake and he was in fault, but I do not believe the extent of the punishment. I don't really think he was some "mad-man" trying to run women & children over ! (but I wasn't there to...
  15. Mindfields

    Having problems installing CAI

    hahaha ! ... definitely electric ... plumb intake into the passenger compartment for filtered air !
  16. Mindfields

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    My first VW ! Best car I've owned !