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    Eurodyne Updates

    BUMP, lets bring back Eurodyne. All the FBookers are on COBB
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    MK7 stg2 vs 2016 MSP3

    As coming of the on ramp onto the highway spotted a smoked grey mazdaspeed 3. It looks pretty good , "nice wheels,suspension" and some nice ground effects . Chased him down, he switched lanes , I think he knew what was coming. He flew by me and chased him down again , rolled down my window so...
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    My mk7

    mk7 gti se BC Coilovers Maxton Lip 3" Catless USP Injen Intake Eurodyne stage 2
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    Just some pics..

    Sup, bought the mk7 dec.31. It's a 6speed SE edition. Eurodyne Stage 2 3" USP Downpipe Injen Intake Love every second of it. Actually I could beat my old mk4 bt thru the first 3 to 4 gears, would have to play catch-up. Going to the track 1/4 mile in Concord NC in a week or so, trying to get in...