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    Downgrade LP headlights

    ebay has OEM xenon headlights going for $400-$600ish for each side. that might be a better route to go. I did see Xenon headlights on there from a 3rd party called TYC that are much cheaper than factory ($500/pair), but not sure what their quality is...
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    Which coil overs are best for my situation

    Not in D. In S mode, there might be a couple of times where the car hangs on to 3rd gear for a bit too long when you are just cruising, and will sit at 3000rpm for a bit without upshifting, but it's not often. I'll have to speed up for a second to make it kick into 4th and then back off (or...
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    Which coil overs are best for my situation

    I had the IE DSG tune in my old GTI, and didn't like how if you were slowing down, it didn't downshift to a lower gear until you were down to like 1100 rpm, and then it finally would downshift, and make the car bog when you got back on the gas cuz you were at like 1500rpm.. When I got the R, I...
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    KW Street comfort coilovers - brief review

    I have them on my 16 R. The valving is definitely more comfortable than the factory non-DCC struts, but they do not ride like a limo or super cushy like I've seen mentioned in another review. the car still rides pretty firm, but has much better compliance over bumps than the factory setup...
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    What is this humming noise? Super annoying

    Been following this for a while, and it seems crazy that you've tried so many things and haven't been able to clearly pinpoint where the sound is coming from. One other thing that popped in my head is that the gas tank and filler neck are back there too. Maybe something is a bit loose or...
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    Possible to use Android car stereo display (10.1") for MIB1 to MIB2 conversion? 2015 GSW S TDI

    I don't think you can integrate it with the factory system. but there are aftermarket android head units for this platform that you could try.
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    Interior vinyl wrapping

    sorry for the long delay. here's a photo I snapped today (excuse the dust). The GTI plastics have a subtle texture that the R bezels don't have (they are smooth). if you look really close, you can kinda see the texture coming through the wrap, but it's not noticeable unless you are really...
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    Interior vinyl wrapping

    I wrapped the infotainment/upper vent trim on my '16 R when I installed the larger 8" screen and bezel I previously had in my GTI. I used 3M 2080 gloss black film to match the rest of the R trim, and it came out really good. After reading a lot of reviews, it was said that thinner wraps are...
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    What is a good, reputable (NOT Facebook Marketplace) online site to sell your car privately?

    When I sold a car last year, I tried a couple of the bigger sites like Autotrader and also Craigslist. Like said above, I don't think it matters where you list your car, there are gonna be scammers, and the typical CL deadbeats wanting to trade a sportbike, a broken jeep, a nintendo 64, and...
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    Is this normal for a stock 7spd DSG?

    Also, running a TCU tune with a stock ECU is perfectly fine. I ran a TCU tune on my otherwise stock GTI without any issues for over a year. The TCU tune really helped wake up the car during normal day-to-day driving (when you weren't in manual mode).
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    Anyway to reduce the R from bottoming out?

    Also, if you guys still on the stock bridgestone S001 Tires, they are known to be pretty harsh. Especially if you don't have a car with DCC.
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    Focal Speaker and Amp Upgrade

    the description does say the kit is plug and play. the pictures show an included jumper harness, so I would agree. the jumper harness goes in between the head unit and the factory harness. it will route power and signal from the head unit, to the amp, and then back out to the factory harness...
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    Extremely annoying non-dimming border around auto-dimming interior rear view mirror

    The GTI S came with a regular (non-dimming) mirror with the flip up tab. you can get one of those, and sell your current mirror for a bit of profit. Or maybe see if someone on the forum would trade their standard non-dimming mirror for yours. You can also try putting some black tape over the...
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    Car paint bubbling

    looks like someone chucked some brake fluid on your car. I had an ABS pump leak on one of my cars a few years back, and where the fluid dripped on the frame rail, it looked just like that. Then the paint eventually came off completely.
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    Audi s3 springs on golf r

    I've used Ground control stuff on other cars before, and have been pleased with them. it's a great way to get adjustable ride height with off-the-shelf shocks/struts, and pick the rates you want. I was actually planning on buying the rear GC kit, just to be able to lower the back a little bit...
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    Absolute Fuel Tank Size on mk7 GTI

    I put 13.5 gallons in my '16 R this morning. the range counter was down to about 5 I think. it was actually 13.3 gallons when the pump handle clicked, but I did the extra squeeze to get 13.5. I've run my old bmw well after the range counter said "---" (like 30 miles), but this car is...
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    Socal FS/ FT/ WTB Thread

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    Golf R Hood

    Mk7 hoods appear to be steel. I have one of those flashlights with a magnetic base, and it definitely sticks to the bottom of my R hood. did they change for the mk7.5?
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    Golf R specifics

    also, I noticed the sound daktor thing on the R is much louder than it was on the GTI. I really didn't like the fake engine noise so I turned if off with OBD-11. but after a few days, I enabled it again at a lower setting, like 30%, just to get a little noise when I put the pedal down.
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    2015 A3 2.0 Quattro HPDE/Track Fun Build

    In my experience, blank rotors have held up just fine on track. Since rotors are a wear item, and will be replaced fairly often, it doesn't make sense (to me at least) to pay more for slotted rotors. The guys I used to track with, all used blank rotors with race pads without issue.