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    WTB: MK7 lighting package headlights

    Thanks man!
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    PM sent. I'm in if you still have it.
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    Well, didn't think I’d be selling the car I just bought but so it goes. My last GTI has come up for sale and as much as I like this one, I like my last one more and regretted selling it so it’s time to move on. 2016 Autobahn with 67K miles, DSG, lighting and performance package, DCC shocks. I...
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    WTB: MK7 lighting package headlights

    Kinda what I figured. I'm about to sell the MK7 I just bought for the MK7 I used to own and the driver headlight has a hole in it :) Looking like I'll end up on the used route as well. The current owner has been waiting months with no sign of availability.
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    WTB: MK7 lighting package headlights

    Looking for at least a left, if not a set of Lighting Package headlights.
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    SOLD- Neuspeed FMIC for Stage 2

    Yeah, I read through all that. What I didn’t see were IAT’s on this intercooler, regardless of flow. I’m stage 2, stock turbo. May just keep it unless someone local makes an offer
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    SOLD- Neuspeed FMIC for Stage 2

    Seems like people aren't too keen on the Neuspeed! Thought about just keeping it and installing it.
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    SOLD- Neuspeed FMIC for Stage 2

    $500, OBO
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    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    So I recently bought the car second hand from the original owner and smelled coolant (just like the other two MK7's I previously owned). The reservoir was topped off and didn't seem to lose much since I had been driving it, but I could see residue in the area of the thermostat housing and the...
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    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    On top of that, I requested a carbon cleaning since I was at 67K miles. They quoted $391 and told me they would be in touch with the condition of the intake. They called back, and then followed up with video showing that I wasn't ready for a carbon cleaning (surprising) and thus, didn't sell me...
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    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    I had a great experience with my dealer (Flow VW, Greensboro, NC). 2016 with 67K miles, Stage 2 APR, zero issues handling this warranty.
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    Official Tornado Red GTI / Golf Thread

    A year after selling my second Pure White MK7 GTI, I was pulled to the Tornado Red side!
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    WTB 18x8 wheels and tires. Fayetteville NC

    Check your PM's
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    SOLD- Neuspeed FMIC for Stage 2

    Price drop, $600?
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    SOLD- Neuspeed FMIC for Stage 2

    Hello everyone. I have a brand new, in box, Neuspeed FMIC for MK7 GTI stage 2 cars . The Neuspeed part number is 48.10.43. $700, located in Greensboro, NC. These are $879 on the Neuspeed site for this size. I would rather not ship due to the size but I could probably be talked into it. I’m also...
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    I brought home my new to me 2016 Autobahn, Tornado Red. My 3rd MK7 GTI in all. I made it a year after selling my last one before getting another. More specifically, what I got in the mail was the factory rear seat cover for my kids booster seats and the inevitable food droppings that come along...
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    Potential Paint Issue Important to ALL MK7/7.5 OWNERS

    Bringing this back up as I just purchased my 3rd MK7 and I have this issue. However, mine is on a 2016 and it seems I may have the only 2016 in this thread with this issue. Like everyone else, no matter how I try to realign the rubber seal, it creeps out. Did anyone ever determine if this is...
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    On hold: 2016 GTI S, 87K miles, manual, PP, LP, Pure white

    Well, holding on the sell due to the replacement car falling through.