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    White GTI 7 with Gloss black bits :)

    Wrapped roof, painted mirrors and GTI / VW badges front and rear gloss black holes in front bumper are from removing the Euro number plate surround. Working on a solution for this.... Cars coming along and im happy so far, just Wheels and Suspension.... The expensive bits to go. Now the car...
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    Removing - mk7 Mirror caps, VW/GTI badges

    Removed all these parts for painting yesterday. If anyone wants to know how, let me know Ill explain.
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    Low dust GTI pads

    Can someone tell me best low dust pads for 7 gti. pref in or ships to Australia The oem are ridiculous. clean my wheels most days.
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    Black vinyl roof wrap - GTI

    I didnt wanna pay $2000 for sunroof, but wanted the black roof so.... Vinyl cost $100 and wallah.... Once mirrors are painted black (this week) Black badges and one day black BBS LM's it will be complete
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    Mk7 GTI DSG Fuel consumption

    Hi just wondered what you are all getting miles or K's from a full tank and what ron you use. It just cost me a 90 fricking $ to fill up with 98. and i'm doing a tank a week. All my driving is stop start traffic and I clearly spend too much time in Sport mode :( I got just under 500ks from my...
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    NAV Zoom and Keyboard

    1. Can I switch the keyboard to QWERTY from ABCDE its driving me mad. 2. Can I set the Zoom distance so it doesn't keep panning out to 50000 miles I want it staying at 75m
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    No Error T10 LED bulbs help please

    I have tried 4 different LED bulbs for my number plate lights. some with resistors and canbus type too. (yes I tried turning around) All give warning light on dash. Does anyone have an ebay link to T10 LEDs that work in a Mk7??
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    GTI DSG Launch Control?

    Hi I don't think the Mk7 GTI DSG has launch control does it? So wondered if you guys know the best way to get a good launch off line? I mean being turbo you want it spooled up before releasing brake, but obv being dsg throttle and brake don't go together???
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    Just picked up the beast....

    Newbie here from Sydney (English been here 5 years) Only done about 70 k's so far mostly traffic too, but loving it. Sydney has few decent driving roads so need to get out the city to stretch her legs..... Hard not to keep in sport all the time though with that DSG pop :o Cant wait to do a...