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    Eurodyne Updates

    Yea, I have tried the 3 different settings in LC and still the car won't build any boost past 1-3psi and before with the stock is38 and stage2 tcu file I saw the car build 5-6psi and launch hard.
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    Eurodyne Updates

    I just flashed stage3 tcu 738R and when trying to do a lc the car is only building 1-2psi. Is this file configurable to adjust the psi that builds when doing lc? Car is Audi S3 with Vortex XL turbo
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    Important PSA regarding improperly built TPC20 Turbos

    What's a good alternative to TPC turbos? Vortex?
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    Eurodyne Powertap Cable

    If I have my own custom maps I don't need any credits, right?