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    Clutch Noise

    Did you fix it eventually? How?
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    My mk7 clutch pedal creaks and pressing it feels not subtle/stiff. I tried oiling the hinge point but its even worse now. The creaking sound is annoying af. What do?
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    Mib not turning on after removing glovebox

    I double checked this first since I had the same issue when I'd retrofitted my helix subwoofer. But thanks again!!
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    Mib not turning on after removing glovebox

    Thanks all. I managed to find the problem. I checked the fuses again and it turns out I'd mistaken fuse 12 (SC12) with SC13. Meaning Fuse 12 was fried. After replacing the culprit fuse, everything worked again.
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    Glove box removal instructions?

    I did this to get to the air recirculation flap actuator. It works now. But my MIB wont turn on now what coulb be the issue?
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    Mib not turning on after removing glovebox

    I removed the glovebox due to the infamous air recirculation flap problem. Got it working again but after putting glovebox back. The MIB2 would not turn on. With and without ignition. Only a black screen. I made sure no cables were pinched during reassembly. There was a small crack in the...
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    MIB2 Lagging, hangs and works very slow

    Recently did a MIB2 retrofit (no touchscreen, only the module) on my 2013 MK7 because my MIB1 was acting slow, hanging and lagging, rendering my touch screen useless at times. Even park pilot sometimes not booting. The problem started suddenly a few weeks back. Me thinking upgrading to MIB2...
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    BOV install on 1.4 TSI (103 kW) - CHPA

    Hey thanks, forgot to manage engine is stage 1+. Was looking to just add more sound. Nothing more. Any good recommendations for a BOV for EA211 out there?
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    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    Hello, I have a Golf 7 Discovery Pro (2013). I found someone selling his MIB 2 with part number 3Q0035846B. Says it was on his VW (2018). Would this upgrade/retrofit work on my Golf? Thanks
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    BOV install on 1.4 TSI (103 kW) - CHPA

    I'd like to ask about your experiences on installing a Blow Off Valve /Diverter Valve on a Golf 1.4 TSI (2013). Looking for that turbo flutter/waste hate sounds. Is it worth it? Which one would you recommend for my CHPA engine? Thanks
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    What is the correct spark plug position on a mk7 1.4 tsi engine?

    A few weeks ago, I replaced my spark plugs. I couldn't find any information about what the correct position is for a mk 7 1.4 tsi. Can someone elaborate pls. If you could draw it, that would be nice. Thanks.
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    Long Term Spark Plug Thoughts

    A few weeks ago, I replaced my spark plugs. I couldn't find any information about what the correct position is for a mk 7 1.4 tsi. Can someone elaborate pls.
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    Tweeter install on mk7

    Hey guys, I recently bought a front speaker and tweeter set (Herz Uno K170) for the front doors and A-pillars. I got some speaker rings for the large speakers but none for the tweeter. The tweeter has a bulge which makes it difficult to install correctly without the golf 7 tweeter rings. How...
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    Scarce Golf 7 1.4 TSI ACT performance mods

    Any suggestions for Golf 7 1.4 TSI ACT performance mods Hey guys, I'm looking in to some performance modifications for my Golf 7 1.4 TSI ACT (2013) and it seems I'm having trouble finding these. I can only find mods for either the 1.8, GTI or R-golf. Any suggestions? Also, what are your...
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    What are your experiences with knockoff dynamic taillights?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying AliExpress dynamic taillights. I've seen one that is plug and play for stock LED taillights (not halogen). What are your experiences? Is it really as bad as some people claim? Will it mess up my car?
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    Only one 'U' working on Daylight running lights (Xenon)

    Hi all, I have xenon headlights on my golf 7 1.4 TSI ACT. The strange thing is only one u instead of two works in daylight running mode, no matter which mode I put my lights in. I've seen pictures with two u's working in DRL. What could be the issue here?
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    Ticking sound in neutral

    Hi all, My golf 7 1.4 TSI ACT makes a pretty loud ticking sound in neutral gear. When pressing the clutch pedal, this sound disappears. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the sound comes from the gearbox. I have a manual transmission and the car has driven about 135.000 km. What could be...
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    Having some Discovery Pro Issues

    Hi, all. Recently bought a Golf Mk 7 with a discovery pro. I noticed a few issues. First of all, the sound is pretty low quality with a lot of noise and the volume is also low, compared to a previous golf I had. When I raise the volume, the quality gets more bad. I tried changing the setting...