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    Another Poor Fuel Economy Thread

    Tbh I really stopped caring about trying to get good fuel economy a while ago, just wanted to make sure my experience wasn't abnormal and that this wasn't an indicator to something being wrong. I can get 1-2mpg better if I baby the car for a tank, but whats the fun in that? I'd rather enjoy my...
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    Another Poor Fuel Economy Thread

    I'm about 10 months into my Golf R ownership and I haven't gotten close to the fuel economy as advertised. I understand due to my driving habits (3 mile commute) that I won't get as great fuel economy as I could, but something still seems off. I used to work with my neighbor (4 doors down from...
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    2015 Golf R Starting Issues

    Hey Everyone! I picked up my 2015 Golf R earlier this year and have been enjoying it immensely! I have recently run into a few issues, and after reading the forums I can't find any answers to what I am experiencing so here I am. The car currently has just under 72k miles. For the past week my...