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    August ordering thread...

    Here she is. Landed yesterday. I'm still grinning :)
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    Cosmetic Damage Insurance

    Hi Has anyone taken out the cosmetic damage / smart insurance via their dealer. This covers you for certain dinks and scratches for a 3 year period. Is it worth its value ? Did you get a good price ? Still up in the air as to whether to bother or not.
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    What is your occupation?

    Keeper of the Peace [emoji61]
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    Leaving the factory

    And I think I'm going GTD crazy. Just teasing myself ...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Looking great on both counts. V jealous .. On both counts!!
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    GTD ordered today !!!

    Well after months of ummming and alot of aching i finally bit the bullet!!! 5 Door GTD Carbon Grey *Panoramic glass sunroof * Nav Upgrade (basic) * Winter pack - Heated Seats :) * Park Assist ( Bit of fun ) Kept the cloth trim as really like the not to the MK1 Gti All of the above for £26k...