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    2019 Golf Folding Mirror Retrofit - Door Modules

    Update for the record, ended up using 5Q0959592F/-593F for the retrofit, can confirm that the plugs and even the modules themselves look different to the previous -E versions.
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    How to retro-fit the 312mm front brakes to a Mk7 Golf

    Anyone know if TRW discontinued manufacture of the caliper brackets? As of right now nearly all the suppliers are showing that they are out of stock for these brackets. NTY is showing they have in stock, any experience with this brand?
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    Rear side marker bulb

    I think it's a non-replaceable LED?
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    VW Golf MK7 Estate, GT spec, Tungsten Silver, 1.4TSI

    I was reading this, by any chance you can do a write up or even take some pictures the next time you do this? I'm curious as to the procedure as I've heard wastegate actuators seizing is something that comes up on older vehicles
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    Creaking noises from windows/doors-Resolved

    I used gummi pflege on all things rubber and all the noises disappeared. I do have to apply it around once a year though, it does come back. I live in a fairly dusty area so the bits of dust and sand do end up sticking onto the rubber (and salt in the winter).
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    How to retro-fit a bigger capacity battery to a Mk7 Golf

    Can confirm, just tried to order and they said item has been superseded. I ended up ordering off eBay for the part, the vendor instantly changed the listing to the new part number after I ordered. Wonder which part number will show up... edit: received 5WA915418B; no good.
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    What oil do you run?

    Bringing it back on topic... VW504 spec Mobil 1 ESP 5W30. 10k km interval, year round.
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    The Mk7 OEM wheels thread

    Question, are you running the same Golf wheel bolts as before or did you end up getting Q5 spec wheel bolts?
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    How to retro-fit the jack pads from the Audi A3 (2013->)

    Can confirm B is the correct supersession, parts fitted. Didn't notice anything to clip on the two Z speed clips on my car however, but I will have to run down to the dealers for two plastic spreader rivets to secure the jack sockets (plastic parts over the two front rubber bungs).
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    How to retro-fit skid trays, aerodynamic under trays, & stone guards to a MK7 Golf

    From what I gather the Mk8 rear covers come factory on the NAR Tiguan, so they're available on this side of the pond
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    Headlight/Taillight intensity Mk7.5 Golf

    Need some insight, does anyone have the stock lighting intensity values (dimmwert?) for a European spec 7.5 Golf for the following? The LEDs under the low beam headlights in parking lamp mode, and stand lights (parked with ignition off with the turn signal stalk activated). I know it shouldn't...
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    How to retro-fit the jack pads from the Audi A3 (2013->)

    Minor update, is anyone able to source 8V0804631 still? It seems like it has been discontinued. edit: can anyone confirm the 8V0804631B is the new part? Audi Canada parts site has this as a supersession?
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    2019 Golf Folding Mirror Retrofit - Door Modules

    I'm debating repinning them into the older -E module connector to see if it works, but I'm not sure if the pin assignments are all the same.
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    Help with coding front Fog retrofit on MK7.5

    Just wondering, where'd you source the harness? I have everything except for that.
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    Long cold start

    If it's diesel and first thing in the morning, I'd always leave the ignition to on for a few seconds before cranking to allow the glow plugs to do their thing. Otherwise most diesels don't like to start as quick.
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    Windshield Chip Repair

    I used the Permatex kit from an auto store to do two small chips side by side. Prep is key.
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    2019 Golf Folding Mirror Retrofit - Door Modules

    Hello all. I've combed through nearly all the threads, and the consensus is that I would need the highline modules (ending with 592/593). Currently my modules are 5Q4959392F/-393F All the threads state that the retrofit is possible with 5Q0959592E/-593E door modules; this swap must be done if...
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    Golf R radiator fan in GTI

    Got any pictures to compare the fans?
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    2021 Golf Rear View Mirror

    AFAIK this part is discontinued. If you are lucky enough you may be able to find one in dealer stock. This part worked on my 2019 Comfortline.