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    2016 Golf GTD Fuel Economy

    You’re very welcome.
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    2016 Golf GTD Fuel Economy

    Firstly, welcome to the forum @waggy2uk. Secondly, apologies for the very long post - a bit of a brain dump, but hopefully it will provide some the answers to your current mpg concerns and give a bit more information on the DPF (diesel particulate filter) and the regeneration process. I have...
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    Electrical Problems or Normal Behaviour?

    With your fuel filler flap, it does sound as if the actuator is dying. Worth getting it sorted a.s.a.p especially as your car’s still under warranty as the chances are it’ll fail at the most inconvenient time - when you’re at a filling station to refuel, and the fuel flap refuses to open due to...
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    Water in the boot wheel area and right hand side floor

    I don’t know if there’s an easy way. What I’d do is pick a dry, warmish day and remove the spare wheel and anything else stored in the spare wheel well, along with the spare wheel well carpeting if it can be removed. Then use a wet vac to suck up the water and / or some large absorbent towels to...
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    Water in the boot wheel area and right hand side floor

    Water ingress with the mk7 / mk7.5 Golf is something that crops up from time to time on various forums - including this forum. If you use the advanced forum search function, you’ll find other water ingress discussion threads. Over the years, a number of potential sources of water ingress on the...
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    Entertainment system

    If you don’t have the latest software version (I have absolutely no idea what that latest / current version would be), if there are more up to date software versions, then a VW dealer should be able to update. I dare say they’d charge you to do this. However, if everything’s working OK, then...
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    Entertainment system

    Assume you’re referring to replacing the infotainment unit in your car with an aftermarket one rather than getting the software updated for your existing unit? If so, then bear in mind that the vehicle settings for many of the functions of your car are accessed via your infotainment unit’s...
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    My GTI was rear ended...

    Agree; that was my first thought when I saw the OP’s pictures.
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    A/C Leak, possible warranty work.

    Presumably you have a warranty booklet or some form of warranty document that outlines the terms of the warranty - i.e. which items / components are covered, the extent of the cover and what’s excluded. It would be having a read of your warranty so you can see for yourself whether your air con...
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    First post, tailgate water leak on my mk 7.5 gti

    Worth checking the rubber wiring loom grommets that protect the wiring into the top of the tailgate, as these can split over time. If they do split, then maybe they could let water into the tailgate. Also, ensure they’re correctly seated and pushed firmly into the tailgate panel.
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    The Mk7 OEM wheels thread

    In the UK those are the standard (18”) alloys fitted to the mk8 R. They’re known as ‘Jerez’ in the UK / Europe (might have a different name in the US?) and are 7.5J x 18 ET51 fitted with 225/40 R18 tyres. The 19” ‘Estoril‘ alloys that you get on the R in the US are an extra cost option in the UK.
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    Driving mode query

    It’s the same in my 2020 Polo GTI+.
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    Everyone else will be doing it now

    Slightly off topic, but one current unforeseen aspect of EV ownership in the UK seems to be the cost of insurance. Some EV owners have seen their existing insurance company quoting sizeable premium increases; there are media reports of the average EV premium increase being 72% over last year...
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    Second hand 7.5 R - Coolant or just dirty engine bay?

    Hoses aren’t covered under VW’s Approved Used warranty in the UK - see screenshot below. Link to full Approved Used warranty handbook;
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    Electric GTI

    It’s also been reported that the design of the GTI badge for VW’s electric GTI models will change - the ‘I’ being replaced by a lightning bolt to symbolise electric power;
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    Electric GTI

    Yes, it’s the GTI concept of the forthcoming ID.2all EV which is a similar size to the Polo.
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    Car paint bubbling

    I’m sure you would’ve noticed it when washing the car during the nine months you’ve owned it - I certainly would have! From the pattern of the damage, it looks almost as if someone has squirted some type of liquid from a washing up liquid (or similar) type container at that area of the car and...
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    Some rust appearing in both of the rear wheel wells – what to do about it?

    Unfortunately, the lower leading edge of the rear wheel arch gets lots of punishment from road spray and winter road salt, and it‘s also quite vulnerable to stone chip impact damage from small stones trapped in the tyre treads being released at high speed while you’re driving. I doubt you’d be...
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    Request: Alloy Powder Coat Colour - Nogaro

    I’d go for anthracite grey or a similar shade of grey. Here’s a picture of the mk6 Golf GTD I owned a few years back - also Carbon Grey - with anthracite coloured VW Rotary alloys;
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    Corrosion warranty querie

    Agree. Surface corrosion isn’t covered under VW’s corrosion warranty as it’s likely to have been caused by an external influence such stones or other road debris chipping the paint and leaving bare metal exposed to the elements. If any such stone chip damage is left untreated and not repaired...