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    Sunglasses for Driving

    Prescription mirror shades.
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    Cars with ridiculous wings.

    I love it when people individualize their cars. There are too damn many cookie cutter, bland cars on the road.
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    Goodyear Exhilarates. Yay or Nay?

    Goodyear is "Woke", so I'll stick to Firestone.
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    World Rally Championship

    WRC was my favorite motorsport, followed by F1 and Indy Car. It seems to me cars maintaining 6'/2m of social distancing :) running around in the woods would be safe.
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    Safety System Failure

    Since it is brand new, take it to the dealer. Be loud in the sales room. You will get quick results.
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    South Alabama/ NW Florida

    KyACRASH If you find something let me know. I've been here 5 years and have not found anything organized. I have the Tornado Red R, with two black racing stripes. I live in Florosa, west of the Hurlburt flyover.
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    Hand brake lever swap to ebrake switch?

    Why? Seriously, why? The Ebrake prevents bootleg/J/etc. turns.
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    Costco vs shell gas

    My previous car was an STI. About every six months it would start stumbling bigly. The dealer told me to disconnect the battery, wait 10 minutes, reconnect it and drive the car like I stole it. I'd do that and it was good for another 6 months. I only used 93 octane QT (top tier) gas. One day...
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    How do we feel about this?Aerofabb Track Wing

    It is your car, do what you like. If some one bitches, tell them when they start making the payments, you will listen to them. Until then, they should STFU (can I say that here?). And DOSJOCKEY was right: the only thing that ever happened in a car that was more insane than Group B either...
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    Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?

    My name is Michael, commonly called Mike. When I was young, I would Hoover down food. There was a commercial about Mikey will eat it. SO, friends called me Mikey = Mike-E
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    Corona comedy hour! C'mon folks...time for a laugh!

    I have started wearing a cowboy hat, boots w/spurs, a gun belt with empty holster and a bandanna over my nose and mouth. The looks I get in the grocery store are priceless.
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    Central Florida Mk7

    Guilty. My last car was an STI, I could see that hood scoop coming 1/2 mile away and waved. The Golf based cars look like generic econoboxes from the front (made worse when de-badged). By the time I realize it is a GTI/-R it is gone.
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    Spilled "Mean Green" Degreaser on my back seat.

    I love Mean-Green, but that stuff is super concentrated. I agree with take the seat out and hose it down. Then use the suck part of an upholstery stream cleaner (can rent at W-M,ACE and many grocery stores), Then repeat several times.
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    The Worst Beetle?

    Darn, I was coming here to say Ringo Star!
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    How to drive faster!

    One time no big deal. That is how we used to test "parking/Emergency brakes". Car in 1st gear, parking brake on, let out clutch. If the car stalled = P brakes good. If car moved = replace P brake.
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    Punks not dead

    65 here. I stopped listening to Punk about 20 years ago. Since then, what the labels call Punk is just the same packeged crap as modern country and pop. "Let's get a focus group to suggest changes to each song before releasing it. We want to appeal to the widest audience possible and not...
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    How to drive faster!

    In Chicago - join the Tri-State Sports Car Council (TSSCC) , or SCCA. After the beer virus is over, both will be offering driving classes (high speed and parking lot autocross). The best way to get fast, is with an experienced teacher and lots of wheel time. FUN too!!! I took my first high...
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    Test Drive Nightmare

    I would not pay one cent for the clutch and I would not do business with them. Don't let the issues with the clutch bother you. FWIW: My daily driver since 1978 has had a MT (IH Scout II, Subaru XT, Subaru Brat, Jeep CJ7, Eagle Talon, Subaru RS 2.5, Subaru STI). I stalled my Golf R five...
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    GTI MK7 or R MK7 as first car and daily driver?

    More importantly than GTI vs R is DSG v 6MT. Get the 6MT.
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    Overfilling gas

    One time event, don't worry about it. I had a pump auto shutoff fail once and the tank overflowed onto the ground. I had to pay $100 for the cleanup because even though I was standing there, I was not watching the nozzle. :mad: There was no damage to the car.