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    REVO Stage 2 CEL

    Hi all, I'm running a catless dp with the "low boost" Revo stage 2 (For 95-98 octane fuel) I've noticed when I put in rubbish fuel, the car runs fine and can hear the turbo spooling and pssting. When I put in Shell VPower Nitro+ (Standard UK good stuff), the check engine light comes on and...
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    Identify this bodykit

    Hi guys, I saw this picture on fb Does anyone have any idea who makes this bodykit?
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    Golf EGR valves

    Hi guys, Apologies for the newbie question but I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere! I've been reading up a little on exhaust gas recirculation and was wondering what golf engines, if any, have this feature? Surely it's taking performance away from the engine and turbo in exchange...
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    Stock audio upgrade

    Hi guys, I know there are quite a few threads about doing things to the sound system but I'm a total newbie to audio equipment so wanted tailored advice. I'm running the stock sound system without the optional upgrades. The sound is better than in my old car, but just a bit flat. I've played...
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    Traction control too restrictive?

    Hi guys, I recently saw a thread by SHFT where, via vagcom, the esc button function could be altered. Having had a play with it, I'm stuck between two modes. In normal mode, the traction control kills any spin and slows down acceleration...
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    Pieisgood999 MK7 GTI PP

    Update 3: The wait Hi all, It's been a few months and I thought it was time for an update. I'm at uni until Christmas, so haven't been around my car much. If you look at my earlier posts, I linked to a forum post looking at the strangeness of the stock intake. I went out and bought a rotary...
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    Stage 2

    Hi guys. How long does it take for stage 2 to come out after stage 1 usually? Waiting here patiently for any news from apr or revo but seems like they're still developing hardware which other manufacturers already are selling :S
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Looking good! What exhaust is on that?
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    Pieisgood999 MK7 GTI PP

    Update 2: Major changes So, I got my Revo stage 1 yesterday :D The :D kinda gives away what I think of it! Analysis: The top lines of each run were the first runs before everything got a bit too hot! The weather was damp and coolish ~ 15C here in the UK. I had the 98 map put on (revo option 2)...
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    APR Presents the MK7 GTI ECU Upgrade!

    So the website's out of date? :(
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    APR Presents the MK7 GTI ECU Upgrade!

    Well, I'm happy to get a new turbo I guess. Does anyone know what the differences between the versions are? Also, I got confused by the instructions because you guys have driver side on the other side. Just follow the picture arin put up! Very easy to do with a smart phone. I should imagine...
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    APR Presents the MK7 GTI ECU Upgrade!

    I dont know where I'm looking tbh. I found a black box connected to the electronics by where the arrow points and it had part number 06(K or H?) 145 710C Is this the same number as would be on the turbo? If not, where do I need to look from the box?
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    Soundaktor removal

    Update: Soundaktor removed So, I unplugged the soundaktor. Ideally, I'd have done this using the ross tech cable, but didn't have one to hand, so did the physical unplugging instead. I tried to use tape to stop the connection from rattling around, but couldn't get it to hold as access to the...
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    Soundaktor removal

    Hi guys, I saw a vid about how to remove the soundaktor I'm a little confused about what to unplug though? Firstly, is it the circular thing to the left of my photo which is the soundaktor? Secondly, which wire do I unplug? 1 or cluster 2? Thanks
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    Carbon fibre parts

    Hi guys, I'm dabbling with the thought of making some carbon fibre parts over summer and was just wondering what parts you'd consider buying if made out of proper carbon fibre? Please post ideas below and I'll probably start production next month if any look like a good idea and economically...
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    Traction control button backlight

    Hi guys. I was just playing about with my car and tried turning off the esp/traction thing on the centre console by the gearstick. When every other button is activated, there's an orange backlight making the button glow, but when I press the traction button, there's no light. Just a symbol on...
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    Benefit of start/stop

    Hi guys, It would appear that more and more cars are equipped with start/stop (more's the pity) I was wondering if anyone knew of a study which worked out how long you needed to stop at the lights before the stopping of the engine became beneficial to consumption. By that I mean that the energy...
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    Road closure nav advice

    Hi guys, Travelling on the UK motorways in the early hours means that often sections are shut for maintenance. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the satnav this! It kept trying to tell me to do a u-turn and return to the motorway, which was closed! Am I missing a button somewhere...
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    Pieisgood999 MK7 GTI PP

    Update 1: Satnav (Attempt 1) Hi guys, I haven't been around the car much, so haven't had the time or money to do anything to it. Now I have all of summer for mods and fun :cool: The first thing I noticed on the forum was that the map people had released an update and I wanted to put this on my...
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    Pieisgood999 MK7 GTI PP

    Hi everyone, I just joined the forum today after looking at it for months with great interest. I've recently taken delivery of a golf gti, which is quite an upgrade on my old car! It's running in nicely and becoming a little looser slowly but surely so I'm hoping to improve it and personalise...