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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    I mean, in Europe they have the Tiguan 240hp biTDI which has similar hp/tq to the stock DDKA
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    That VR would be perfect in the Tiguan even in stock form.
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    HPA VR550T - 2.5L VR6 Turbo Golf R

    This is sick! Tiguan 2.5VRT DQ500 would be nice 😬
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    Adam’s RS3 is stage 3 TTE855 😈
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    8V RS3 Seat Swap into a Golf MQB

    Doesn't look like it 😅
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    APR DTR vs. IE 2260

    This didn’t age well. 🤣
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    That’s good! This engine should’ve been offered here in Tiguan’s or atlas’ ffs.
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    I'll be "that guy" and ask if there's any updates on the 2.5??
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    Damn, you're right. Too bad there's no "auto" button you could hit before driving.
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    MK7 ACC radar adjustment without calibration board

    More than likely requires a dynamic calibration.
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    Dane’s 15 GSW TDI - R line bumper, wheels, rear brakes, MIB2, LEDs etc

    I never got the 5 brake lights working on my 17 alltrack 🤷‍♂️
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    1.6 tdi Glow plugs change interval

    Generally whenever one goes bad and throws a fault. lol
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    RS3 Swapped Golf R Project. IMS 1100

    That’s unfortunate. I liked their YouTube content.
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    RS3 Swapped Golf R Project. IMS 1100

    What happened to innovative? They all had a falling out or something?
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    The future looks bright! lol
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    Gbot's 19R 2.5VR6T Build

    are these all 2.5 VRT ?? Damn.
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    Unitronic IS38 Tune - not what I expected

    Here I am, clicking a thread about Unitronic IS38 tune, only to read about garbage collection. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    480whp for 50k miles

    Welcome to my world - Canada. Google where to buy ethanol here. Actually, don't. Waste of time. lol I've worked in VW and Audi dealers for over 10 years now. People seem to underestimate the quality of OEM stuff (other than obvious problematic parts)
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    Class action lawsuit letter (Waterpump)

    They will more than likely reimburse thermostat housing repairs. They usually do so with these settlements. Also, it might be present in Elsa well before owner notification.
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    Retrofit Ambient Light on Dashboard for MK7 Golf R

    My research tells me these are the Golf R numbers I found based on PR code 5TD. These 3 part numbers are for QQ3 interior ambient lighting. 5G2858418CCSJ dash trim matt aluminum/carbon (PR-5TD) 5G4854771ACSJ LR door trim matt aluminum/carbon (PR-5TD) 5G4854772ACSJ RR door trim matt...