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    Interesting VW Golf/Rabbit Book

    Super. Thanks for this. Loving the early ones and will look for the book. Also, I build the 1/24th scale plastic models and this will be a good resource.
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    Bet Speeding Will be Included

    Against this. The enevitble accident occurs and the blame game begins. 1 The software provider. 2 The law enforcement agency. 3 The accused driver. Also- yet another owner expense for the device, software and replacement after collision work. Because in the public domain, defense and...
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    Owner's manual leather pouch MK7.5 GTI

    Fyi- Going out to my 2019 7.5 and looking at it all over searching for a part number stamped on it somewhere doesnt work. I was trying to help.
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    NY Exhaust Fines Loud Illegal Exhaust Systems

    The exhaust sound is an important part of the car's personality and it reflects the type of drive train that WE select. We pay for it and it is Our vehicle. Again, no regulatory interference appreciated or needed. IMO.
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    Current VW magazine(s)?

    I too enjoy the simple paper magazines. Throw in a backpack, front seat etc. No tech or electricity needed. I would subscribe in a heartbeat!
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    Jason Cammisa MK8 Hagerty review... OUCH

    Over $25,000 was, for sure, a lot of dollars in 2004. Good comparison.
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    Jason Cammisa MK8 Hagerty review... OUCH

    I watched closely and appreciate his attention to detail. I had a 2015 and now a 2019. I have seen the cheapening of the product. The arm that attaches my gas pedal is plastic! Not sure but I thought I saw the same plastic now being used in the brake and clutch pedals. I want to see again.
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    2021 GTI México

    Beautiful Tornado Red! My first color choice but unavailble at my dealer. Way to go.
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    June issue Car and Driver magazine Mark 8 on the cover!

    I too miss the brochures. My new 2019 did not have one if I remember correctly. You must down load from the site and find a decent color printer. The mfr is cheeping out! I still have a lot of brochures that I have kept on the cars that I really liked.
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    June issue Car and Driver magazine Mark 8 on the cover!

    Uh oh, just noticed on the first page of the article that this car is "Euro-spec."
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    June issue Car and Driver magazine Mark 8 on the cover!

    I hope we get some cool new colors once VW America gets the brochures together.
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    June issue Car and Driver magazine Mark 8 on the cover!

    Just received my June issue. Tornado Red Mark 8 on the cover and good road test and much improved time to 60 and quarter mile. Good comments. Car is a DSG. Heads up people!
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    Immature kids and their BOVs

    Love all these posts. There was a guy spamming BOV on his Honda S2000 to let everyone know he has snail. Sad that all his $ went to mechanical and his paint and top were in need of big help.
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    New to the Forum

    It's like the GTI is made for Tornado Red! Welcome.
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    Emission Service Action 24FX

    No difference that I can tell.
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    Emission Service Action 24FX

    Went ahead and had dealer do 24FX after posting initial concerns last week. No problemo!
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    What car magazines do you read?

    Most all of them. Love that no log in or online device neeed. Throw the mag in backpack or car. I get Road and Track. Car and Driver is the best. When they see BS they call BS!
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    Emission Service Action 24FX

    Received my letter 2 days ago. My stock 2019 S DSG doesn't have drivability problems, gets great mileage and has decent stock power. My concern is that their statement about "improved drivabiltiy" is a potential negative. My friends had a new Mark 6 and they agreed to the ECU "update" only to...
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    How to deal with throttle lag / DSG lag on MK7.5 GTI?

    As others have posted- I pull the lever back to select "S" sport when I anticipate running in traffic and this helps a lot on my 2019 S DSG. Btw, this transmission seems "sleepy" compared to the 6 speed DSG in the 2015 S DSG I used own. Give it a try! You must anticipate the need.
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    Cornflower Blue returns on the 2021 !

    I have DIBM and getting used to it. Cool changes in the color tone in different light conditions. A negative with the dark colors is that the black grill gets lost in all the darkness. My first choice was Tornado Red. I had Reflex Silver in my 2015. Liked it lot.