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  1. WhyNotZoidberg?

    Need advice from anyone who has installed a boost gauge on a EA288

    Is there a way to tap boost into the intake manifold AFTER the intercooler? I'd like to read the actual manifold pressure, not the hot air coming out of the turbo. On the GTI with the blind hole in the plastic manifold, tapping boost is a 5min affair. I can imagine with the aluminum manifold...
  2. WhyNotZoidberg?

    Are there good brake upgrade options for PP?

    Tried searching for this topic, but either there isn't one, or my search-fu sucks. Sorry if the latter. I got a PP GTI (with the R brakes, 340mm front discs), which are great for driving around, but at track days they're less than adequate, to put it mildly (they're garbage if I want to be...