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  1. Pbrowne

    Replace shifter paddles on non-GTI?

    I want to add shifter paddle extensions to my car. It's not a GTI. It's a 2016 Golf SEL. I bought S2T replacement paddles, but there was no way to remove the pins holding the OEM paddles in place. I assume that the GTI has a longer OEM paddle and that the bottom GTI paddle is not wrap over the...
  2. Pbrowne

    SOC shows ---% after installing new battery

    I installed a new 70 ah AGM battery and reprogrammed values in the car's computer so that the charging system will recognize the new battery. The problem is that I cannot get a reading using the status of charge by pushing me 0.0 button. This worked before I changed the battery, but now shows...
  3. Pbrowne

    Seat belt buckle extender?

    I always use my seat belt, but I'm finding it very difficult to buckle my seat belt. VW has placed the receive that the buckle goes into too low and far back. Has anyone found an extender for the seat belt buckle receiver?
  4. Pbrowne

    8" NAV replacement screen kit available

    I found this on VW Vortex and all comments from purchasers were positive. Comments indicate that it only works for 2016+ models with CarPlay.
  5. Pbrowne

    Enable left-foot braking

    I learned the technique of left foot braking at Watkins Glen. I followed the example of Rusty Wallace who show this technique in the cockpit camera footage of a NASCAR race at the Glen. The technique involves staying on the gas in a turn after getting in the right gear, using the brake to...
  6. Pbrowne

    Unitronic Stage 1+ Installed

    I ordered the Unitronic Stage 1+ ECU upgrade from Deutsche Auto Parts, installed it, and I am very pleased with the results. This is on a 2016 Golf 1.8 TSI SEL. I recommend viewing DAP's video on the upgrade to fully understand the upgrade process. I had a bit of an issue with installing the...
  7. Pbrowne

    Disable lane assist "ding"

    Anyone know if it's possible to stop the lane assist "ding" with VCDS? It seems inconsistent, purposeless, and just annoying. I got the lane assist to work well with adaptive lane tracking but can't see how to shut off the random gong.
  8. Pbrowne

    Easily switch between Nav & Carplay

    I like the VW Nav, especially the display between the tach & speedo. I also like several CarPlay functions like text messages, Tunein Radio and podcasts. The larger control buttons vs. my iPhone is great. (I do not like/use Apple's maps) My question concerns when I have my iPhone connected via...
  9. Pbrowne

    Brake pedal height is annoying

    It's probably bowing to corporate lawyer but the brake pedal height is annoying. I don't recall another car I've owned where the brake pedal is so high. It forces the driver to lift the right foot off the gas pedal to operate the brake. The driver can even catch the right foot on the brake...
  10. Pbrowne

    Glad I bought a 2016 SEL

    I got a great model year end deal on a Golf SEL. It has automatic transmission, the lighting package with the adaptive headlights and the driver assistance package, navigation system, power driver seat, and sunroof. Checking the 2017 specs it looks like the same equipment is even available on...
  11. Pbrowne

    Turn off radio with ignition vs. door open

    When I turn off the ignition, the radio stays on until I open the driver's door. How can I get the radio to turn off when I turn off the ignition?
  12. Pbrowne

    Easy way to turn lane assist on/off?

    I found the lane assist feature to be useful when driving on interstate, but much less so on two lane roads. On secondary roads it sometimes loses track of where the lane is. It kicks in and out and can be a little bit disconcerting. I'd like to be able to quickly and easily turn lane assist on...
  13. Pbrowne

    Need to use a good cable for Car-Play!

    On Saturday I picked up my new Golf SEL. Since this was at a dealer about 100 miles away and I wasn't familiar with the area I decided to use Maps on my iPhone using CarPlay. I also wanted to listen to a podcast on my return home. I plugged in the iPhone using a cable that I had handy. On my...
  14. Pbrowne

    Oil filler funnel?

    The MK7 TSI oil filler is a PITA! It's not in a convenient location. Because of the little shelf inside the filler, you can't place an ordinary funnel and have it stay in place. I had to have someone else hold the funnel while I poured the oil. Anyone have a soltion?
  15. Pbrowne

    Activte horn for alarm?

    I want the horn on my car to sound if someone reaches through the window to open a door when the car has been locked with the fob. The horn beeps and the the red light flashes when I lock the doors with the fob. Can I make a change to coding with VCDS to make the horn sound for an unwanted...
  16. Pbrowne

    Enable left-foot braking?

    I have always liked the option of left-foot braking for some tricky turns when running quickly -- keep revs up with right foot and modulate speed with left foot. It's an old racing technique to maximize speed through some corners. However, this doesn't work on my 2015 TSI. If I keep my foot on...
  17. Pbrowne

    Status of Charge (SOC) unreliable!

    I can get the battery's SOC by pushing and holding 0.0 button with the ignition turned off. However, the value displayed is totally inaccurate. When showing 100%, I've have had an almost dead battery. When showing 0%, I have had an almost fully charged battery. The SOC function seems to be...
  18. Pbrowne

    Can't seem to change the oil change interval

    I've tried every value under the Instruments (17) controller and can't seem to get the oil change interval changed. I want it to be 5,000 miles because I make many short trips. I assume there's a value for "oil change" but I must be missing something. I was able to set "inspection" to 5,000...
  19. Pbrowne

    Automatic rain closing

    I found that just popping up the rear of the sunroof without also having a window at least partially open caused auto rain close to not work. Open a window and it works fine.
  20. Pbrowne

    Security Code for Changing Steering Assist Level on Mk7 Golf?

    I want to reduce the power steering assist. My steering is too sensitive! Going to control unit 44 (Steering Assist) and Adaptation and the Support Power channel, I see it set to 100%. There is the option of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. But, a change is not accepted. I had entered 19249 as the...