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  1. Golfs everyday

    Tire Pressure Gauges - NOT the junk ones

    I'm in the market for a new tire pressure gauge and I am not interested in some cheap $10 Accutire type digital gauge. I saw Longacre has some nice digital gauges and I am looking at getting this one. Is there any gauge out there similar in this price range and accuracy I should also take a...
  2. Golfs everyday

    Golfs everyday.. with OT journal.

    I guess I've been here long enough to write about my short VW journey and my other cars I currently play with. Unlike most of you folks here, I only have very limited experience with VW's so hope you can give me some pointers too if I start straying too far off track. I will also post about my...
  3. Golfs everyday

    '17 Golf-R oil filter housing and valve separated?

    I did my first oil change on the R this morning and did not realized until after doing my 16' GTI's oil change (second time on the GTI) that the R's oil filter housing did not have the dangling valve stick in the center of the oil filter element. I didn't even think twice as I completely forgot...