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  1. seanmcd1

    Mods you're wasting money on...

    :) I was responding to bobbie hotsauce up there, who bumped up this ancient thread. I was 100% anti-TIP lol, felt there was no proof one did anything. I basically have been slightly bored the past few weeks, so got the MST tip+hose. Mostly based on Jeff's flow tests (and it was on sale). I...
  2. seanmcd1

    Mods you're wasting money on...

    An upgraded intercooler was the best mod I've done so far, after a stage 1 tune. I used to be anti-TIP but did recently install the MST Performance TIP and silicon hose.
  3. seanmcd1

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed a new H6 sized AGM battery.
  4. seanmcd1

    How to drive faster!

    Start with the accelerator pedal... Stab it and steer.
  5. seanmcd1

    Intercooler and Downpipe?

    The ECS FMIC rocks. Often on sale for $425. Completely worth it, noticeable difference.
  6. seanmcd1

    Flat black mirror caps?

    I swear I've asked a ton of times when I see pics of the TCR caps and everyone always claimed they were the same glossy ones that have been available. Thanks for those pics!! Clearest pics yet to show they are matte/flat.
  7. seanmcd1

    Leather Seat Options in the Summer

    I've been contemplating sheepskin center inserts in a dark gray or charcoal color.
  8. seanmcd1

    MK7 Oil Pressure Gauge

    Wish vw still had a din sized area to fit three gauges above or below the radio. I'd do oil pressure, oil temp, and voltage. Maybe a boost gauge instead of oil temp.
  9. seanmcd1

    MK7 owners in the S.C. upstate ?

    What's the latest version of that tune? I got the same tune last June, it's version 2.0.1. It's been 10,000 miles so far and I think it's been great. It's even better now with a FMIC installed. First 90 degree day here today in the Midlands.
  10. seanmcd1

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    Nobody here was disrespecting her. Everyone is just stating facts.
  11. seanmcd1

    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    She did pretty good work on an MR2 and an MK1 Audi TT. If you can get past the fact that she used to be a he, it's a good automotive channel.
  12. seanmcd1

    Gas prices

    $2.01 for Exxon 93 today.
  13. seanmcd1

    Single exit exhaust?

    Let's see some more single exit pictures and hear some video clips! What's that rear single exit valance part number!?
  14. seanmcd1

    Gas prices

    I paid around $2.12 for 93 octane at Shell a few days back. 87 is down to the $1.40 range.
  15. seanmcd1

    armaspeed alloy cold air intake

    Looks like a BAD knock-off of the MST intake. I'd get the new MST intake over that one.
  16. seanmcd1

    Too much oil

    IF you were halfway down, and actually added "1 pint" as you say - that's half a quart. You're fine lol.
  17. seanmcd1

    Weird vibration at 45mph and 75+ mph

    How many miles? Might be an inner CV joint or axle issue.
  18. seanmcd1

    Going to dyno test bms turbo inlet vs stock

    What kind of intercooler are you running? Stock? How do the outside temps compare there between Jan. and now?
  19. seanmcd1

    Where are the best deals for wheels?

    I say figure out exactly what wheels you want before you start looking for "good deals". There are a lot of shitty wheels out there.
  20. seanmcd1

    ECS MK7 GTI/Golf R Intercooler Upgrades!

    FYI: your instructions for the FMIC has a few issues - step 12 lists a 19mm socket for the bolts - but my 2016 GTI had 16mm bolts. - my kit included a small cable clip, but the instructions never say where exactly to use it.