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    Mobil 1 Rebate

    Mobil 1 rebate program started on April 1st through September. $10 rebate for a 5 quart jug with limit of two. Walmart is not listed as participating retailer; however, they have not been listed in the past and I have never had a problem obtaining the rebate. Current rollback price is $22.88...
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    Mobile 1 Rebate $12/5qts

    Mobil 1 Rebate $12/5qts Mobil 1 rebate started on 4/1 thru 9/31, $12/5qts. Details and redemption is here Wally World has rollback of $22.88 (started 4/4) on Mobil 1 European Formula so $10.88 for 5 quarts after rebate. Limit of 4 rebates per...
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    Mobile 1 Rebate $12/5qts

    Mobile 1 rebate started on 8/1 thru 10/31, $12/5qts. Mobil 1 0W40 has builder approval for VW 502 00 and VW 505 00 and per Exxon Mobile meets VW 503 01. Walmart is not listed as participating dealer; however, the only specifically mentioned as excluded was Amazon. Mobile 1 0W40 is $22.88 for...
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    FS Fender MIB2 System Complete

    SOLD Fender MIB2 Amplifier SOLD This is for someone who wants to upgrade their Fender 2015 MIB1 amplifier to the MIB2 amplifier. MIB2 amplifier that works with the MIB2 head unit which supports Carplay. The 2015 system uses the MIB1 system (5G0035456 vice MIB2 5Q0035456) which...
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    Running Speaker Wire Through Doors, How are You Accomplishing?

    How are you accomplishing on the MK7 platform or are you? I am in a planning stage of my Fender upgrade and am looking at running speaker wire through the doors. Looking at the door connector I am seeing drilling on the outside of body connector at top or bottom, keeping enough that...
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    Making Golf Interior Quieter

    Completed anti-resonance and sound absorption treatment of my GTI. Noted there is no carpet insulation from the front of the back seat on. No wonder there is so much noise when you put the seats down! The only absorption material was absorption pillow located in the rear quarter...
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    Replacing Fender Speakers - Does Fender System Have Crossover?

    Replacing Fender Speakers Contemplating replacing my factory Fender speakers with a set of Focal component speakers. Do I need to use the Focal crossover or does the Fender system use a crossover (high pass to tweeters and low pass to mains) coming out of the amp? The reason I suspect...
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    Anyone Used SCOSCH SAVW-6 Speaker Mounting Brackets?

    Thinking about replacing my speakers (Fender system) with Focal 6A1 speakers. Rather than cannabilize my existing mounting brackets like here: was looking for an off the shelf solution. Anyone...
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    Bosch Icon OE Wiper Blades?

    I purchased some new blades using the Bosch Icon OE blades as they were readily available. I had difficulty using the Bosch mounting hardware that came with the blades. Close, but not quite right. I ended up prying off my old hardware and installing on new blade. Anyone using the Bosche...
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    FS OEM Battery Cover Insulator with Top Flap

    OEM battery cover insulator with top flap for sale, part number 5Q0915411F. Original battery part number fitted with insulator is 5K0915105C. Some of the newer 2017 and 2018 do not have the top cover. I am selling as I purchased a larger insulated cover when I replaced my battery with...
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    FS OEM Matsushita D2S Ballasts and Phillips 4300K Bulbs

    SOLD OEM Matsushita D2S Ballasts and Phillips 4300K Bulbs SOLD Lexus OEM Matsushita D2S Ballasts and Phillips 4300K Bulbs. They are authentic Phillips 4300K 85122 Bulbs and Matsushita Ballasts. One of the ballasts has a cracked mounting eyelet. I used these with Ed’s BEC...
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    Delete. Pardon the double post.
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    Driving Modes Activation Document 5G0054809

    SOLD. Thank you Vince! This is the software activation document required to add Driving Modes to your Golf. The software activation document provides the code/PIN that you provide to your dealer for them to activate the feature via ODIS. Hardware included is the switch and cabling that...
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    Volkswagen VW MK7 Golf GTI Skid Plate, Support Brackets, Bolts

    SOLD - Volkswagen VW MK7 Golf GTI Skid Plate, Support Brackets, Bolts New, skid plate part number 5Q0 825 902B and support brackets 5Q0 825 921 and 5Q0 825 922. These are OEM Volkswagen. Also provided are seven M8 X 30 Flange Hex Bolts. This is a complete kit, everything...
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    Volkswagen VW MK7 GTI Front Performance Brake Calipers

    SOLD Volkswagen VW MK7 GTI Front Performance Brake Calipers SOLD! Volkswagen VW MK7 GTI Front Performance Brake Calipers. This is a fairly straightforward upgrade from your 288mm Golf or 312mm GTI to a 340mm sized disc. You will need appropriate splash plates, pads, and rotors...
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    FS MK7 Revo Eurojet Catted Downpipe

    SOLD - MK7 Revo Eurojet Catted Downpipe SOLD. Thank you buyer! This if for a MK7 GTI. Had for over a year and installed about half of that time. Decent review here, shows how adjustable it is with the sections for fitment: From the...
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    MK 8 Release Information

    Interesting article on the next generation. Lighter, more power (250HP GTI, 350 Golf R) digital cockpit. We will be waiting until 2019 or 2020. You will need your translator: High points from article are here...
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    DIY DSG Fluid and Filter Change

    Warning: This is my experience and is for informational purposes. You are fully responsible for your own project, neither myself nor this website is responsible for what you do. I have not seen a guide on this forum. There is plenty of information out there so I am just going to...
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    DIY Door Check Strap Replacement

    DIY Door Stop Position Modification (Check Strap Replacement) Props to veedubtuner over at vortex for the write up on this. This is a supplement to that write-up and I used a rear check stop rather than a front. Why Replace? The...
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    Micro Hot Hatch GTI Debuts

    I like it and at 2,200 lbs it is going to be fun.