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  1. thechromecoyote

    GTI TCR Sideskirts and comparability with USDM mk7/7.5 GTI

    There are a lot of threads dedicated to whether or not these will fit the Golf R, but not whether they’ll fit the GTI. The Mk7 GTI uses the same mounting hardware as the Clubsport, and it appears to use the same mounting hardware as the TCR side skirts from the images I’ve found online. The...
  2. thechromecoyote

    FS: APR Catch Can

    ~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~ Have a lightly used APR catch can for sale, it’s a catch can, shows signs of use, is simple to install if you have an APR Intake, and does what it says it does. Selling bc my PCV needed replacing so I upgraded to the VWR Catch Can while I was at it. I’m not sure what...
  3. thechromecoyote

    FS: Neuspeed Short Shifter

    ~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~ Have a Neuspeed Short Shifter Kit for sale. It’s a great starter mod for the platform, reducing vertical gear shifts by ~40% $90 shipped to CONUS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. thechromecoyote

    Clubsport Repo Spoiler for GTI (EBay)

    Just came across this on Ebay... Looks a little clunky compared to the actual clubsport spoiler... but Id be interested to see what this would look like with proper paint matching...
  5. thechromecoyote

    Leyo Turbo Inlet Pipe

    ~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~ Like the title says, I have a Leyo brand black turbo inlet pipe for sale. Swapped it out for an APR TIP bc I’m a fan boy, but it’s perfectly functional and only been on the car a few thousand miles at best. $100 shipped CONUS ~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~
  6. thechromecoyote

    034 Motorsport MQB Rear Subframe Inserts w/ Bolts (MK7 R)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a set of the rear subframe inserts w/ brand new stretch bolts for the MK7 R platform. Selling bc I have a GTI and snap purchased awhile back before realizing I couldn’t use them. $100 shipped CONUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. thechromecoyote

    Resonated Remus Axle Back w/ OEM Mid (NNJ)

    ~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~ Have a Remus muffler w/ Ebay Akrapovic tips and the pre cut OEM mid-pipe to make it easier for DIY’ers to install. Located in Northern NJ near the Meadowlands. $300 picked up, or meet up within reasonable distance. ~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~
  8. thechromecoyote

    FS: Helix brand Headlights Golf R style (NJ)

    SOLD Have a set of Helix brand projector headlights for the mk7 for sale. $260 picked up in northern NJ near Rutherford. $300 shipped CONUS Work perfectly, clean cutoff, no fogging. Only issue is that I cut the back plate to run a D2S bulb setup. So you can run the same setup with a rubber...
  9. thechromecoyote

    CTS Turbo FMIC (Northern NJ)

    SOLD!!! Picked this up from another user recently, but decided to go in a different direction. $400 picked up in 07071, I don't have a box for it to ship for now. Includes all hardware and silicone couplers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. thechromecoyote

    OEM Mk7 LED Tail Lights w/ BEC harness

    Have a set of Chinese OEM Dark Cherry LED tails w/ BEC Harness and LED reverse light bulbs. Less than 1,000 miles on the tails. I want to upgrade to Mk7.5 and am selling these to help offset the costs. $340 picked up 07071, buyer pays shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. thechromecoyote

    Help Improving Helix/ Ed's Replica Headlights

    Help Improving Replica Headlights UPDATE: After an extensive email conversation with , I have some information to add to the thread, as well as an edit of title and original post. Ed's Reps are far higher quality than the Helix ones, and even more so than the...
  12. thechromecoyote

    Mk5 Retractable Rear Sunshade in 2 Door Mk7 GTI

    I'm not a huge fan of rear window tints, so the rear sunshade I had on my MK5 was something I was very thankful for. I searched but wasn't seeing anything for 2 Door versions of the MK7, unless I wanted to pay $300 for the 4 Door pop-in ones and toss the 2 side shades. Other than scouring...