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    If anyone is looking for a VW related job...

    I’ll just leave this here.
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    Is this oil residue in our '15's coolant reservoir?

    Haven't run into this on previous cars so not positive what I'm looking at and I'm hoping it's not early signs of head gasket failure. It's an early build (April 2014) '15 Golf SE Sport and has developed an oil-colored film above the coolant line. It is also losing some coolant (again!), but...
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    I was doing my DSG change the other day and letting the car idle to get up to trans temp so I could pull the plug and let the excess drain off (I had planned on drain/measure/fill but that's another story) and I noticed a tapping from my motor that I don't think was there previously, or if it...
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    Some randomly hard shifts in my wife's TSI 6 speed auto

    Wife's 2015 Golf SE Sport (April 2014 build) has about 54k miles on it. Transmission fluid service was done 10k miles early, without replacing filter, at 40k by the dealership (They claim VW recommends to replace filter at 80-100k at the second transmission service so I went with it). Car is...
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    JB4 AFR Bypass Harness

    Heads up, eBay seller yourekillinmesmalls has JB4 AFR bypass harnesses for sale if anyone is looking to not make their own or bother a forum member who makes them and may or may not reply. I have a home made one from the previous owner of my JB4 that I suspect is causing me some issues so...
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    PSA: Neuspeed Wheels have a reduced cost road hazard replacement program

    Unfortunately my wife creamed a curb in my car last week coming back home after we had our 3 year old in the ER all night long with a 105º fever unable to keep anything down. Those things are tip of the iceberg in the hell that was our week. I wasn't angry at all, shit happens (and had been that...
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    Alignment Questions

    I'm a noob with alignment stuff. Long story short, my wife was driving to a 24 hour pharmacy at 2am after we got out of the hospital with our 3 year old rocking a 105º temp and hit a curb pretty hard. Severely damaged the sidewall on a 10 day old DWS06 tire and bent one of my RSe12s. Before...
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    Conti ECS Only Gave Me 13k Miles

    I’m not really sure what Continental is thinking giving these tires a treadwear warranty 30,000 miles. I barely got 13,500 out of the set I put on in September 2018. Alignment is fine and they wore evenly according to America's Tire and my eye. I have been on two or three 1-2 hour long mountain...
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    Replacing front brakes with Centric Axle Pack produced a shimmy

    Edit: I may have made this post too soon. I was driving at lunch today and felt the shimmy appear at a specific speed. Something else is up, though for whatever reason, it is overall better. I've never experienced receiving a bad rotor, but it happened to me and since Centric post-quiet axle...
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    $19.99 M1 0w-40

    If you happen to need it Wally World has the M1Euro and Pennzoil Euro 0w-40 on for 20 bucks a jug. The M1 rebates are a better deal but if you missed them, these aren't bad prices
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    Edit 12/6/2019: Please file a complaint with the NHTSA for this issue using the following link, this would initiate the process for a recall. Edit 2/3/2020: Please see post #153 for answers to a few questions one user had...
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    Reset the passenger mirror dip geometry

    For whatever reason after I had my car's battery unplugged for a while and then used OBDEleven to clear some misfire codes a few weeks back, my passenger side mirror dip got all messed up and was going in the X axis instead of tilting down on a Y axis. I have the power folding sideview mirrors...
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    Ayyy look who I saw!

    Laid up on the couch icing my ankle and flipping the channels and I saw Diggs!
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    Oil Filler Hole Extension

    In the interest of not jamming a funnel into the standard fill hole anymore, I picked up a tube extension & cap used on some of the other/newer EA888 motors. I'm hoping this gives me a nice place to rest the funnel and alleviates the oil weeping from the cap that still occurs even with a...
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    Auto Dimming Mirror Loose...

    Anyone know of any tightening or adjustment points on the auto-dimming rearview mirror? I didn't notice anything. The adjustment of the mirror itself seems to be a loose and I find I often have to adjust it.
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    5mm spacers that work?

    I've seen lots of talk over the years of folks getting spacers that don't seat quite flush to the hub, resulting in vibrations. Just looking on a recommendation on 5mm spacers that will properly fit both front and rear on the MK7. Thanks.
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    Reverse camera, intermittent blackout

    Is the camera just going after 5 years in my wife's 1.8t or is there any solution to this?
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    pay shipping: LED Plate Lights

    SOLD AliExpress LED license plate lights. Just pay the shipping. I accidentally ordered two sets for my wife’s car and it’s not worth sending them back. You’ll need VCDS/OBDEleven to code out the bulb error but they work fine.
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    PSA: 8" MIB II GTI trim panels available

    Just wanted to put out there that it looks like has the GTI Euro center dash trim panel for GTI MIBII 8" retrofits available for $119 shipped. Cars245 has them too but more expensive. 5G1819728AFDAR is the part number. I know these were a little hard to find for a while. Wished...
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    Color match expectations?

    Taking my car back to the body shop today after getting this damage fixed and picking it up on Monday: Since pickup, there are several things I've discovered don't meet my expectations but the biggest is the color match on the bumper. I know a new bumper means painting plastic vs metal and...