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  1. ahuang1983

    Incosiderate people that can't park

    Man!!! i just brought my car to my 2nd maintenance today and they reported 2 minor damage that i did not notice. The parking lot where i work, are full of cars all the time. It is so annoying that some cars park so close to you:mad: Once, this stupid old car parked so close to me that i cant...
  2. ahuang1983

    gti signature

    Hey guys, How do you make a GTI signature? I've seen a few people with the side, front, and real view in different color. And it seem they are all from the same source. Thanks
  3. ahuang1983

    something bugging me..

    Hey guys, i am prepared to be flamed but i am serious or i am hesitating at the moment. So please give me some constructive critism. A few week ago i suddenly want a muscle car real bad. So i went to ford dealership to test out a ford mustang V8 Gt. It was so slow and crappy, the overall...