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    Oil leak

    Can anyone help? Just reversed out of my driveway to notice a few oil stains. They are positioned under the engine area slightly to the right. I'm not an expert or know much about the technicalities of cars but can anyone tell me how serious this could be? Going to phone up the dealer on Tuesday...
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    First 10,000 mile service & Software update

    Just dropped my car off at my local dealer for its first service. I was informed that as well as the oil change, they would be updating the software as 'there was a recall announced this time last week'. Will be interesting to see what difference there will be. I'll post an update of the...
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    1.4 TSi ACT mpg - improving mpg

    I've had my GT for nearly 12 months now and recently hit the 9,000 miles mark. Recently drove up the M6 to Liverpool from the Midlands and found my car doing the best mpg since I've had it. Admittedly, the photo below was taken after a stint along a 50mph speed limit but it was great to see it...
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    Boot LED light installed

    Sorry guys - can't seem to attach more than one photo per post
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    Golf GT - Cherry Red rear light clusters

    Hey guys, the Cherry Red rear light clusters are only available on the GT trim on the Mk7. Can anyone tell me how they are different to the standard rear lights on the S and SE trim. I've googled it but can't find any photos to show me the difference? Thanks in advance!
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    Advice on negotiating and ordering new car?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and new to buying a new car from a dealership but wanted to see if anyone could share their experiencing of negotiating for the price of a new Mk7? I'm interested in the 1.4 TSI GT Petrol Manual 5 door which has a OTR price of £23,900. I have an 05 reg Polo...