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    Any Audi/VW Fuel Injector Upgrade Options?

    A lot of people drop RS7 Plugs in the MK7 GTI/R. Even swap out the coils for the RS3 ones. I was just curious if there are any Audi/VW OEM drop in upgrades for the fuel injectors in the MK7 that works with stock fueling control module. I knew a few people may have swapped out the MK7 GTI...
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    DBV2 Hybrid IS38 + Freektune Dyno Results!!

    Before and After Results! A Comparison between my old FBO IS20 set up vs my new FBO DBV2 IS38 Hybrid set up. No 1/4 Mile numbers yet. On my old set up I was able to trap 111 @13.4 =(. 6MT + Street tires = Terrible 60FT (2.5) Ill post more info on my modifications in a bit, but I figured...
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    FS: 17"X8 +35 OZ Ultraleggeras with tires

    As stated in title, 17"X8 +35 Ultraleggeras sale. They weigh 17lbs without the tires. They come with tires (Continental DW 235/45/17). Looking for $850. Pick Up at Massachusetts. Thanks!
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    MK7 GTI Stage 2 (Freektune) vs 2017 Civic Type R

    First time hitting the strip and my first run was with a Civic Type R. No surprise here but I gave him the thumbs up after. Seems to be a cool guy. I ran 13.6 and he ran 14.5 that run. I struggled so much with 60'.. 2.4 consistently (6MT and...
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    Freektune Protune Results! (MAPerformance Baseline)

    I posted this on the FB group and figured I should also share it here. Red - MAPerformance 2 OTS + FBO Blue - Freektune Protune + FBO Green - Freektune Protune + FBO + AEM Meth kit (Mods in signature) Map 2 file (latest rev) was already good as is...
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    Mount Washington Cruise and Meet

    Just curious if anybody would be up for it? I already have a few guys interested. Could be another location if anybody have any other suggestions. Lets coordinate something and make something happen!
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    WTB: Blown is38 or is20 turbocharger

    Does anybody have either a blown is38 or is20 turbocharger laying around and looking to get rid of?? preferably for cheap =) Yes, I said blown. Just trying to turn scrap into something useful. Thanks!
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    CTS Downpipe Non-cat or catted section

    Does anybody know the total length of the CTS Downpipe Section? I'm talking about the piece that connects to the OEM exhaust. I figure this information would be useful for people that would want to DIY their own cat/non-cat section to switch between on or the other.
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    Official New England WTS/WTB/WTT Thread!

    I figure we should get something going on for this region.
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    FS: Neuspeed FMIC

    Hi There, Looking to sell my Neuspeed FMIC used for 6K miles. This is the SAI version so you can use it for cars with or without it. All hardware included. (Mounting Brackets, Rivet tool, rivet inserts, intercooler caps, intercooler hose, sai, bracket, ect.) Very easy to install. Looking to...
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    FS: APR Turbo Muffler Delete + APR Ezflow Hose

    As title states. Up for sale is the APR Turbo Muffler Delete + APR EZFLOW Hose combo. Retails at $180 for both. Price is $120 Shipped.
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    WTB Stock Intercooler Hose

    As Title states. Anybody have their stock intercooler hose/pipe laying around? Would prefer to just borrow it for 2-3 weeks lol, but if youre looking to make some money off it send me a PM. Thanks! Edit: Post 69! woot!
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition

    I have a GTX Graphic card that I purchased a few weeks ago. Installed it on my computer and its a bit overkill for me considering that I don't game nor do I have a 4k monitor. Im looking to let this go for $700 shipped if anyones interested...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 1080

    I have a GTX Graphic card that I purchased for $700. Installed it on my computer and its a bit overkill for me considering that I don't game nor do I have a 4k monitor. Im looking to let this go for $680 if anyones interested locally...
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    Going GIAC Stage 2 from stock this weekend!

    After weeks of researching Ive finally made a decision on the Tune. It was between ED, Unitronic, and GIAC. Honestly I believe all these Tunes are great. Initially ED because of the convenience of flashing yourself and not having to pay for different programs/stages. Greatest Value...
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    New England Dyno Day Meet!

    Hi all just looking to get a group of MK7s for a Dyno. I think this would be very valuable data comparing the differences in Mods and such. Cost: Averages $100 for 3 runs Location: TBD and planned accordingly to the convenience of the majority (if any) Date: TBD but preferably a Saturday...
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    FS: OEM MK7 GTI Halogen Headlights (US Spec)

    Hi There, Up for sale as stated above. OEM GTI Halogen Headlights off a 2016 about a month old. Looking for $250 shipped. Anywhere in the US. Thanks!
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    The Unofficial New England Introduce yourself Thread!

    It's a little dead here in this group and I know we can do better than that lol. I know there are many MK7 drivers around here. Post a picture or video of your car! Ill start off by saying. Hi my name is Therra. I drive an 2016 Pure White 2DR GTI S. It's unmolested for now so I really dont...
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    What is your occupation?

    Aerospace Buyer