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    Subaru BRZ Coupe Review by C&D (brother to the Scion FR-S)

    Haters gon hate. Ill have one please.
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    Were you ever so drunk that...

    Common sight on college campus...
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    Im talking 2009 ms3. The older 2009 doesnt have that. True sleeper. The new one is gay.. noone cares about it lol EDIT: Daniel beat me
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    Mazdaspeed 3... end of story. Debadge and everyone will think you are driving a mazda3 gay boy wagon. Can suprise many folk this way.
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    8th Gen Si guys discuss the GTI

    Wow suprisingly mature and well read. They arent making ridiculous conclusions like we sometimes do. This is all very nice to see and gives them more respect in my eyes.
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    Explain your User Name.

    Lmao :laugh: I would definately buy this guy a beer so I can see him do this in person. Awesome :laugh:
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    Exactly. If at anytime you get flashed, whether its 5-O or not, move the fuck over.
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    Yes youre right... It goes without you saying. Everyone knows that the posted limit means the posted limit. But what really matters is at what point you get pulled over or not, which is what the OP was clearly concerned about since he was going 10 over. If he was to be concerned about the actual...
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    So a cop flipped me off today

    I would like to see a cop win in court for a ticket of 1 mph over speed limit. Even 5 over can be easily challenged in court. THATS why they dont pull you over at that speed. Not because they are just nice guys. Yes, they can pull you over but its a waste of time for all parties involved.
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    2012 Benz B-class

    Wait... what is it? Hatchback? SUV?
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    The all new Focus ST

    Ehh.. gay. ill pass
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    Would These Stock Numbers Have Been Too Much To Ask in Our 2.0T??

    Thats true, its an important component, but its very rare for it to go bad. Take the risk, its worth it :thumbsup:
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    Would These Stock Numbers Have Been Too Much To Ask in Our 2.0T??

    Mainly being a dick is right. But now for real.. VW will never allow for their GTI, to outperform their Audi luxury branch. If it did, they would have A4 and Audi folks bitching that their numbers are only as good as a shitty VW. They would then have to boost their Audi numbers across the board...
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    Would These Stock Numbers Have Been Too Much To Ask in Our 2.0T??

    500 for a tune and your at everyone elses level of horspepower, case and point. If you dont want a tune, stop whining and get a WRX if you just want horsepower numbers. Like others said, this car is a lot more than just the power.
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    Help me settle a debate, please.

    Agree with the last statement... Dont think a drug dealer is the best person to beat the shit out of like that. But WOW, THAT is a proper ass whoopin' :laugh:
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    Formula 1

    Hamilton is my god Ferrari is my team though, love Alonso as well.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Fuck... our Bulls choked HARRRRRRDDDDD lol
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    End of the world today?

    Haha just fucking with you