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  1. njswider

    SOLD Cadiz 18" w/Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 225/40/R18 winter set

    I use my winters from basically Thanksgiving to late March, but more or less same timeframe as you.. as we only get heavy snow a couple times a season max these are mainly used on dry/cold pavement and are great all around. Still offer great feel and traction especially during spirited driving...
  2. njswider

    SOLD Cadiz 18" w/Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 225/40/R18 winter set

    no problem, here are a few different shots. thanks!
  3. njswider

    SOLD Cadiz 18" w/Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 225/40/R18 winter set

    Yes still available, I'm close to 2 hours from GW/NYC as I'm just outside Philly
  4. njswider

    SOLD Cadiz 18" w/Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 225/40/R18 winter set

    Selling my winter setup of VW OEM Cadiz 18" rims with Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 225/40/R18 winter tires. These have been used for 6 winter seasons and the tires still have tread left for another 1-3 seasons depending on your driving. These have been stored and covered in garage during each...
  5. njswider

    FS: Cobb AP v3 for MK7 R w/TCU tune

    bump + price drop to $700
  6. njswider

    FS: Cobb AP v3 for MK7 R w/TCU tune

    Selling my AP with ECU and TCU tunes. Asking $800 shipped, confirming this is unmarried and fully uninstalled. Selling my '17 MK7 R so no longer needed. Includes the original cable, USB charger, case, both faceplates, & all attachments/mounts are unused. AP3-VLK-003 v1.7.4.2-21651 Vehicle...
  7. njswider

    FS: Facelift OEM LED Tails Harness

    I am selling a brand new, unused Facelift OEM LED tail light harness developed by community member ZERO815. This is for NON-FOG functionality and is only for retrofitting OEM LED facelift tails on FACELIFT vehicles (US 2018-2019). Its a high quality product, I’m selling just because of personal...
  8. njswider

    FS: JB4 w/ BT Connect & AFR Plug

    Selling a JB4 with about 25k miles. Includes BT Connect Rev 3 and a custom AFR Plug that is fully PnP, no tapping. JB4 app has been unlinked and ready for the next user. Asking $400 shipped.
  9. njswider

    Got rear ended, repair cost estimates? (Pics included)

    You didn’t get hit into someone else right? Here is my mk6 that got sandwiched & totaled. I believe estimates were around 15k but the front had a lot of damage too. Bulk of the cost will be paint and labor, so the more panels you need could help bring the paint cost up. For you I’d say somewhere...
  10. njswider

    Cold Weather - Exhaust Question

    Question regarding the stock exhaust with the low temps in the northeast these past couple weeks. I’ve noticed that when slowing down/coming to a stop, the exhaust note is much louder than normal as soon as it gets to 1500 RPM down to idle. Noticeably louder to the point where it sounds like I...
  11. njswider

    2018 Monster Mats

    Looks like we finally have some R Monster Mats! They fit all MK7 R's. Definitely ordering these tonight. PN 5GV061550A
  12. njswider

    What music do you listen to??

    Mostly reggae and country, splash in a mix of hip-hop and rock depending on the mood.
  13. njswider

    Flip Rear View Mirror Upside Down

    Has anyone tried this? I can't be the only one who thinks it should've been the other way from the factory. I tried rotating it but can't seem to get it to an angle where you can flip it without taking it off. I feel like the light sensor would be fine flipped to the other side.
  14. njswider

    FS: OEM Discover Media 6.5" Nav screen w/R trim $275 shipped

    FS: OEM Discover Media 6.5" Nav screen w/R trim FS is my 6.5" OEM Discover Media screen with Golf R Piano Black trim. Out of my '17 R & only 2 months old. Excellent like-new condition on both units without any scratches, nicks, blemishes, etc. Selling because I put in the 8" screen. Asking...
  15. njswider

    WTB 18" Cadiz set

    As the title says, I am looking to buy a set of 18" Cadiz wheels. I am in South Jersey and willing to drive a bit to meet. Wheels should be in good condition with little to no rash. Don't need tires. Thanks.
  16. njswider

    iOS 11 - Contact Photos

    FYI the contact photos in iOS 11 now sync with MIB2. I am running the public beta and they appear when people call. Just re-add your favorites and they will display there too.
  17. njswider

    Armor All Brake Dust Repellent Anyone have any experience with this stuff? By going off this one review it looks great but not sure if it would corrode the rims over time. It's silicone-based, and looks like you have to apply it monthly...
  18. njswider

    DRL with Headlights

    I apologize if this has been answered before but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone know the coding to keep the DRLs on when the headlights come on (low and high)? I turned the wink off already, but am disappointed that they turn off once the beams come on.