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  1. Dom1

    Balls Out,pedal to the metal - VIDEO

    That car is just nuts.
  2. Dom1

    New Grand Theft Auto V trailer

    Ill be playing it on xbox, looks sweet. GT: domthebomb29
  3. Dom1

    Instagram User Names

  4. Dom1

    I want this.! :D
  5. Dom1

    Off-Topic Thread #4! I died laughing at this today.. enjoy.
  6. Dom1

    2013 Audi RS4 Avant "Paintball Duel"

    Id LOVE to do that!!
  7. Dom1

    New years resolutions for 2013

    Ive been worrying too much about finding the right one, but have been screwing around regardless. Now if I can find a girl into cars and shares my interests ill be back with a GF in no time.. haha :D
  8. Dom1

    New years resolutions for 2013

    -Finish with my on/off girlfriend of 4 years -Do what makes me happy, mod my car, go for spirited drives -Focus on my friends and not just vaginas -Being 20, realize that I do not need a women at this point in my life Thats about it other then spending time with my loving family :D
  9. Dom1

    If you were given $1million dollars in cash, what would you do?

    Mississauga is brutal too.. Paid $1.4M 5 years ago for 6500sq.ft including basement with a decent sized lot, but were offered $2M last year so I cant complain too much.. holding onto this place for atleast another 5 years to see where the market stands. But if i was handed $1M Cash, Id just...