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  1. Kurupt

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Any OG’s left in here?
  2. Kurupt

    **Stanced S2000 Thread**

    if u dont like them, then gtfo.
  3. Kurupt

    tornado took burger hahaha
  4. Kurupt

    fantasy factory

    fucking awesomesauce
  5. Kurupt

    any longboarders?

    just got a new board the other day to replace the handidown I got from a friend that was completely fucked. anyway post up ur board!
  6. Kurupt

    pretty lights

    Messing around last night using iphones and led's for the effects IMG_1852 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_1834 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_1836 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_1838 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_1842 by iDoWerk, on Flickr IMG_1844 by iDoWerk, on Flickr a couple more can be seen here...
  7. Kurupt

    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat ..

    its way to hot to adjust my coilovers right now
  8. Kurupt

    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat ..

    i need moar low in rear sorry for shit pics
  9. Kurupt

    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat ..

    so its been shitty picture weather here so i took this one with a 10 year old point and shoot. DSLR pics coming soon tho i promise. also going out right now to lower the rear a tad more
  10. Kurupt


    escOLA4XWfI qxwhqcdedRw
  11. Kurupt

    flat purple civic on j-lines

    DOPE AS PHUCK! here is the rest of the pics
  12. Kurupt

    ¿offical wtf?

  13. Kurupt

    Attack Attack!

    If you dont already know, baller band! dCgKjyRLgXA
  14. Kurupt

    _*The Graffiti Thread*_

    Post up cool graffiti you have seen around, or on the internet! post um up!
  15. Kurupt

    jailbreak for iPhone 3g 3.1?

    does this exist yet for windows?
  16. Kurupt

    Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

    lol what???? nk2wViKSh_M
  17. Kurupt

    I saw Transformers 2 at the VIP showing and it was...

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!11!!!!!!!!1111!1!1!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1holla! Discuss!
  18. Kurupt

    ONE B.A. GIGAPAN!!! where's waldo?
  19. Kurupt

    The Green Ranger(Who Remembers This S**T!)

    LMAO who remembers this shit hahaahaahahahahahahahaha green ranger is obviously better than white ranger too!