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  1. 16plus4v

    What's your next car?

    If I wanted to spend $80K on anything it'd be a TT RS. BMW had their chance.
  2. 16plus4v

    What's your next car?

    The Venza is nice. We have two in our family network. However, once you spend a good few hours in one you start to see the fit/ finish details between the German and Japanese vehicles. Again, very nice vehicle and it may suit your needs just fine. I'd personally get an optioned out Tiggy...
  3. 16plus4v

    What's your next car?

    Next for me is, MK7 GTI or R line. I will also entertain the Touareg TDI as I'd get a huge fuel break using company fill stations ;) I could easily get into and S4 or BMW 3 series, but it's just not "me".. I can't stand the people who surround those brands. It's unfortunate really. VW has the...
  4. 16plus4v

    VW announces 2013 Model Line-up and changes...

    There's two stages. Press once and it disengages the TCS, press and hold for 3 seconds and it disengages both the TCS and the ESC. Maybe this is only for Canadian models? I remember my buddy's talking about this with the R. That the US models can't turn it off with the push of a button...