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  1. mikeleemk6

    Anyone else doing the Keto Diet?

    A buddy of mine did that and got very sick for a week and then he used some emergenc electro mix electrolyte stuff to help his body...I work in EMS and have read about and seen several studies that this diet may not be entirely all the that good for your body.
  2. mikeleemk6

    Newest Ride

    God bless that is beautiful.
  3. mikeleemk6

    ECS is full of it.

    No problem here with ecs. Good group of people.
  4. mikeleemk6

    Anyone want photos of their car?

    We get it, you take pictures. But 3 posts about the same thing?
  5. mikeleemk6

    Car shows and Mk6's

    I have bags but my fenders are not baconed. So no, you don't.
  6. mikeleemk6

    Car shows and Mk6's

    Ah gotcha. Forgot another goody is Eurotripper. But most of those aren't "local" to me like a 2 1/2 hour drive. But Florida wise, the shows are great here.
  7. mikeleemk6

    Car shows and Mk6's

    Its great here. I am in Florida too. Not sure what shows you are going to. Fixxfest, Simply Clean, Clean Culture, iLovedrivingslow. Just to name some of the local ones.
  8. mikeleemk6

    Fantasy Football

    5-10$ is cool and I'll PayPal. Would rather it be on ESPN fantasy if at all possible but either way let me know.
  9. mikeleemk6

    Fantasy Football

    I say we do 10$ if we are doing it all season long...Winner takes all.
  10. mikeleemk6

    Fantasy Football

    Ill throw in $5. Are we talking season long? Or weekly basis?
  11. mikeleemk6

    Fantasy Football

    I would be down
  12. mikeleemk6

    GET OFF MY DRIVEWAY [Must watch]

    Holy shit.
  13. mikeleemk6

    New clothing line

    Or visit
  14. mikeleemk6

    New clothing line

    Check out the Instagram page @simply.lowered got a fresh new designed shirt for preorder. Thanks guys. Description : The all new "Where it all Started" t-shirt is now ready for preorder. This is the first shirt being released and it is only right we take it all the way back the first generation...
  15. mikeleemk6

    Warranty work by

    Wow, that is terrible.
  16. mikeleemk6

    What is this? LOL

    It was terrible. Airbag light on, gas on empty, not knowing anything about the car, and yet he was trying to advertise it for sale...damn shame.
  17. mikeleemk6

    What is this? LOL

    uCmfHpt6q6g This guy has no idea what he is talking about. At one point he says the APR ECU is under the passenger seat. I would stay away from this company by all means lol.
  18. mikeleemk6

    Craigslist ad? WTF!

    Shit is stupid LMAO.
  19. mikeleemk6

    Craigslist ad? WTF!