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  1. Nyulak

    Stock battery leaking acid?

    My local shop noticed my stock battery leaked after about four years of life. I had them replace it without any impact. They specialize in VAG products, so they might have done something else, but I doubt a battery swap would ever impact a flash tune.
  2. Nyulak

    OHIO Chat Thread

    Yes. Norwalk Drag Strip Ford Performance Nationals is this upcoming weekend.
  3. Nyulak

    Rear Suspension Noise

    Thanks for answering, xXDavidCXx. I cheated and had them installed, and I don’t know what they did.
  4. Nyulak

    'Tuned' ECU not ready even after several drive cycles: Do I have to flash back to stock tune to 'ready' the ECU ?

    I am APR Stage 2 with their catted DP (no spacer) and I passed E-Check in January. I don’t know if all of my ready codes were set, but it might be worthwhile to get your testing done and see if it passes with the tune.
  5. Nyulak

    Golf TSI good traveling car?

    Wasn’t blaming VW for anything. Somebody made a post after my initial post that stated they would rather drive a TSI than a lowered and tuned GTI. I thought it was a reference to my GTI being tuned and lowered and I just wanted to add that my TSI was also tuned and lowered. Oddly, that post...
  6. Nyulak

    Golf TSI good traveling car?

    My TSI was also tuned and lowered. Last trip I made had an aftermarket clutch and was a bitch to constantly shift in the Chicago stop and go traffic due to the stronger pressure plate.
  7. Nyulak

    Golf TSI good traveling car?

    I made several round trips from Cleveland to Milwaukee when I had my TSI. Way better to drive than whatever garbage compact rental I would have had to use. Haven’t taken that long of a trip with my GTI, but I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it if I had the opportunity.
  8. Nyulak

    Apple Carplay USB not connecting

    If I plug in my phone before starting the car, this happens to me fairly often. I find that starting the car and letting the system boot and run for about five seconds before plugging in the phone helps. Otherwise, I unplug the phone and connect it again.
  9. Nyulak

    Rear Suspension Noise

    Well, it took a while to get everything done, but the sound was coming from the OEM end links. Replaced them with a set of Whiteline adjustable end links and I now have a suspension that doesn’t knock.
  10. Nyulak

    Rear Suspension Noise

    I see some folks have had issues with a knocking sound from the rear that could be attributed to the OEM dampers and possibly some other cause. I just developed this knocking sound yesterday, but I had my shocks swapped to B8s last November along with new OEM shock mounts and a Whiteline sway...
  11. Nyulak

    Bi-Xenon Passenger LED "U" light out

    Had the same issue with my car, but I had the entire unit replaced under warranty.
  12. Nyulak

    FS: Black Stoptech BBK 328 mm for TSI

    SOLD: Black Stoptech ST40 BBK 328 mm for TSI Looking to sell my Stoptech BBK. I got the 328 mm kit to clear the 17-inch wheels on my TSI. They have about 12000 miles on them. I had them removed when I traded for a GTI Sport this past April and have been too lazy to post until now. :D They...
  13. Nyulak

    Lost Third Gear in 5MT

    Bad news today, folks. While commuting to work, my third gear started to make a gravelly noise while in gear. When I started to merge into the highway using third, a heard a loud crunch and felt a jerk in the car. Poof, no more third gear. I was able to continue in fifth, but ultimately...
  14. Nyulak

    1.8T APR Stage II with APR Downpipe Dyno Results

    As luck would have it, a local speed shop installed a dyno recently and I went to one of their Wednesday dyno events. My car has an APR Stage II with Downpipe tune. I also have an Injen CAI (never caused any heat related issues) and the Golf R intercooler. The red line is a fourth gear pull...
  15. Nyulak

    House of Dub 5GTX and Dieselgeek Sigma 5 short Shifter

    Running APR Stage 2 with downpipe I noticed some clutch slip last winter. A couple of weeks ago I noticed slip on the highway on a 5-4 downshift. Time for a new clutch, so I got the HoD 5GTX clutch kit and had them install it last Saturday. I also figured it would be an ideal time to have...
  16. Nyulak

    StopTech 328 mm BBK

    Well, decided that a TSI at GTI power levels should have similar brakes, so I ordered a StopTech ST40 kit. I don't want to run wheels larger than 17", so the 328 mm kit fit the bill nicely. I decided to tackle the job myself and immediately got off to a poor start with the lug bolts nearly...
  17. Nyulak

    Caliper Install Issue (Wrong sub; Mods please move)

    Decided to try installing my Stopteck BBK myself, but have an issue. How do I remove the flexible brake line from the hard line? I can remove the inboard connector, then I get stuck with pulling the soft line out of the bracket. There is a clip, but I can't get it out. Is there a trick to...
  18. Nyulak

    Problem Removing Rear End Links

    Attempted to install my rear sway bar yesterday, but slipped with the triple-square when loosening top end link nut and cracked the triple-square lip. Now my tool will constantly slip. Is there a method to remove the end link other than using a triple-square and wrench? I was considering...
  19. Nyulak

    USP Motorsports Automatic Hatch Pop Kit Installed

    Good News: Relatively simple install and the hatch pops open with a long hold of the fob. Bad News: Hatch is quite difficult to close with both struts installed. I originally tested with one strut installed. The hatch popped and required more force to close, so I wondered why run two, then I...