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  1. Tech72

    New B9 Audi A4

    We’ve seen spy shots of the new Audi A4 out testing in recent months. Well, they have finally released official photos of the latest A4 and A4 Avant. One thing that strikes me is that the B9 is indistinguishable from the B8 it replaces. Audi have taken the, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”...
  2. Tech72

    How about a mk7 R with 420 factory horsepower? Golf R420 announced

    Won't happen, at least not with the current gen Scirocco. Scirocco is on the A5 platform (same as mk5/mk6 Golf) so they won't develop it anymore as VW is phasing it out. The mk7 Golf is on the latest MQB platform and is the current and future product.
  3. Tech72

    Return of the MS3? Yes, please!

    Mazdaspeed3 concept to debut later this year. This is the manufacturer’s way of testing the waters. If they get positive feedback, it’ll go into production. Reports of around 300hp from turbocharging Mazda’s current 2.5L I4 engine and also having AWD to eliminate the awful torque steer of the...
  4. Tech72

    Golf R > STI according to Motor Trend, but it wasn't easy

    By this logic (there is validity to it I suppose), referencing laps times for the Nurburgring, Willow Springs, Laguna Seca or any track for that matter is pointless because the timed laps were not done at the same time or day. That goes for any car, not just this R vs STI comparison. It...
  5. Tech72

    Jeremy Clarkson to be officially sacked by BBC tomorrow

    Not "allegedly", it is fact. JC defenders don't seem to understand facts. JC punched someone because he didn't get a hot meal. Say you're the company director, do you take a swing at someone because they gave you a coffee that's not quite to your taste? You see no issue with this?
  6. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Confirmed. Diva Clarkson got the boot from TG.
  7. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    "You're not you when you're hungry"
  8. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Whether JC as a host or TG as a show is entertaining or not is totally subjective. That's fine as there's both camps. You like the show, you watch it. You don't like the show, then don't watch it. Simple. But reports that JC took a hissy fit and threw a punch at an assistant producer...
  9. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Kiss ass much?:wub:
  10. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Nobody said anything about clamming JC up for his views. Be outspoken, say whatever he wants, no problem. He's just getting stale from an entertainment point of view. The show stopped being a real auto review show and became a comedy sketch featuring cartoon like characters. Once in awhile...
  11. Tech72

    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Nah, whatever he did, keep him banned. His antics and jokes are getting old. Same old boring schtick episode after episode.
  12. Tech72

    The horror, the horror....

    Words cannot explain the heartbreak of this pic. A rare C6 Corvette ZR1 that is uncared for, abandoned under a layer of snow and sitting on flat 20" Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires in the back of an exotic car dealership. Saw this sad sight on the weekend. ....
  13. Tech72

    My 2015 STi has arrived

    But a V6 Mustang doesn't seat four comfortably, nor can it keep up to this box. Hell, a V8 Mustang GT would have to sweat more than usual to keep up or pass this box, while sucking more fuel and being generally less efficient.
  14. Tech72

    My 2015 STi has arrived

    ^ Motor Trend is right. STI properly beaten on track and road by the R.
  15. Tech72

    Focus RS - Confirmed

    Ooooh, so solf..... "Dash stroking?"
  16. Tech72

    Focus RS - Confirmed

    RS is confirmed for NA. While not really my cup of tea, the RS will be a stormer right off the assembly line and be a 'R' killer. It will probably run in league with the new S3, A45 AMG and M135i. Having said that, I'd still prefer an R, especially the R Variant (wagon)...
  17. Tech72

    Focus RS - Confirmed

    +325hp and AWD Latest from Road & Track: "UPDATE: We have additional details about the upcoming 2016 Focus RS from another trusted source, including power output, so let's start with that. With the Mustang GT's V8 holding down a 435 hp spot at the top of the Ford performance pecking order (for...
  18. Tech72

    Walking dead !

    Carol for MVP!
  19. Tech72

    Car & Driver's 2015 WRX vs GTI

    One magazine's take on things.
  20. Tech72

    Focus ST or MK7 GTi probably DSG

    The new ST steering wheel looks awfully familiar. Three spokes, with a very familiar bottom spoke design, flat bottom, big bolsters at the 10-2. Reminds me of.....