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  1. reverend_sean

    Brake Bleeding Adaptor

    Since I posted that in 2019, I have had multiple instances with Speed Bleeders not seating correctly and leaking fluid. Removed them and just use OE bleeders now.
  2. reverend_sean

    VIR Season Finale HPDE - December 9th and 10th

    HA! "It’s such a fine line between stupid and, uh... clever.” - David St. Hubbins
  3. reverend_sean

    VIR Season Finale HPDE - December 9th and 10th

    So what's the typical temp and weather expected for that area at this time of year? @Redslaya I sent an email to the track ( last week via email and asked a few questions but no one got back to me yet. I am still trying to make this event happen, and I am trying to get a...
  4. reverend_sean

    ST40 Brake Pad Reference Guide

    EDITED MY ORIGINAL POST TO ADD IN "AERO ROTOR, (NOT Wide Annulus AeroRotor)" The EBAY links below are what I bought. Looks like the price went up, but ~$550 for 2 new rings is still pretty good. If you reference these part numbers on the Zeckhausen website they come up as this...
  5. reverend_sean

    ST40 Brake Pad Reference Guide

    I did a bunch of research because I couldn't conceive of paying full price for the coated 355x32 ST rotors. What I found out...what everyone here probably already that all of ST's 355x32 AeroRotor (normal one...NOT Wide Annulus AeroRotor) replacement rings are the same, they just...
  6. reverend_sean

    Track TEMP DATA: IC and radiator combo data collection - ALL YOUR LOGS ARE BELONG TO US!

    Yeah, that's a huge difference in the cooling efficiency of your IC, Jake! Not going to insert an ECS joke here...that's overplayed ;)
  7. reverend_sean

    New MK7/MQB resource:

    I have this event penciled in right now too. Never driven VIR and have been dying to get down there.
  8. reverend_sean

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    Definitely good advice! I have read Speed Secrets a few times and am on his mailing list, but I have never engaged him directly or joined a webinar. I definitely need to be more active with my learning.
  9. reverend_sean

    Boosting on a Budget- 19birel's MK7.5 Build

    Love to see the chunks of rubber still on your car from last Friday! Haven't washed mine off yet either :giggle:. I'd love to find a time to go for a ride, or swap cars for a drive, to see how the SAs compare to my Sports.
  10. reverend_sean

    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    This is my most recent realization from my last track day. I'm not IS38, but EQT stg 2 IS20, but still think that 320 or so HP is masking my inability to carry speed through a corner. I need to learn to corner better. My buddy driving a stock Focus RS with the exact same size/brand tire is...
  11. reverend_sean

    Boosting on a Budget- 19birel's MK7.5 Build

    I'll be there this Friday with @19birel and plan to log too. ECS FMIC, EQT Stg 2, stock cooling system. Pitt Race has 3 pretty long straights and it's supposed to be 80 degrees. Going tobe a fun day!
  12. reverend_sean

    Understanding the MK7 PCV function, retrofitting the MK8 PCV, and why catch cans are bullshit(IMO)

    This is a great info share. I have been swapping between PVC (winter months) and RL catch can (track months). I have not noticed the threads weakening, but I have only done the swap 2 times. @DerHase if you wanted a RL catch can system to play with, my last track weekend is 9/16-17 and I...
  13. reverend_sean

    2016 Golf R - 24k miles, MT, Adult owned, Well Sorted, OEM+, $26K OBO, NY Area

    Dang. I had a Tornado red '15 GTI and I refused to get black wheels because I thought it was going to be too flashy and/or stand out too much. This R looks so good that I immediately regret that past decision. GLWS
  14. reverend_sean

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Support group filled with enablers and hype-men. I love it.
  15. reverend_sean

    My knee pops with clutch pedals. Anyone else?

    My buddy teaches a type of functional range conditioning called CARs (this video isn't him, just a random knee CARs video I found). It has def helped me with some sticky/clicky movements for joints I don't use as much as I should. Maybe give it a try and if you like it just research it...
  16. reverend_sean

    Boosting on a Budget- 19birel's MK7.5 Build

    Nice! You are going to love how it changes the handling.
  17. reverend_sean

    Freshly installed ST X Coilovers 😁

    Getting it aligned soon, right? Don't sleep on that! When the toe is out of whack it destroys tires quickly (lowering adds positive front and negative rear). I destroyed a brand new set of tires in 2 weeks once as I didn't find time to get it aligned.
  18. reverend_sean

    Can't fit Koni FSD struts into the knuckle

    Many people sand off the paint at the bottom of Koni's also (it's common practice with the Sports at least). Also, search the forum for how people have used chisels as a strut spreader. Some swear by it. Good luck!
  19. reverend_sean

    Track TEMP DATA: IC and radiator combo data collection - ALL YOUR LOGS ARE BELONG TO US!

    What event is your planned Mid-O day? I have a 2-day event there in September but would love a cheap excuse to make another day happen earlier.