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  1. Mk7Matt

    034 Motorsport camber & roll ball joints

    (y) for a great seller. These look perfect! Thanks again!
  2. Mk7Matt

    In process: Alibaba GTI build

    Dammit why did you have to go and say DAZA/SYVECS time boys!
  3. Mk7Matt

    WTT: AWE Chrome exhaust tips for black diamond tips.

    Looking to see if anyone has a set of black diamond tips for a MK7 GTI they want to trade for my chrome tips.
  4. Mk7Matt

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Going to find out if it’s as big of a pain in the ass to install as everyone says it is. Thanks @JerseyDrew77!
  5. Mk7Matt

    MK7 Hardware needed for clutch/flywheel install

    Good point. My clutch came with the hardware to attach the pressure plate to the flywheel.
  6. Mk7Matt

    MK7 Hardware needed for clutch/flywheel install

    Here's a list of hardware I purchased when I had my most recent clutch installed.
  7. Mk7Matt

    AliExpress Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    One of the best mods I've made to my car.
  8. Mk7Matt

    Farewell GTI ..

    Dude I’m sorry @CoryJo. Sucks that this happened to you. Like you said, at least you’re not hurt and that’s the most important thing. There’s a number of things that could have happened. Everyone here that takes it as far as we do assumes that risk, especially when we modify things such as...
  9. Mk7Matt

    Eurodyne Updates

    You can get a dong from @Switchleg, or, if you can find one, a Macchina A0. You can download TunerPro (for free) to edit .bin files.
  10. Mk7Matt

    Eurodyne Updates

    You might try throwing a couple of gallons of ethanol in the tank and see if that helps to clean up some of that timing pull. But yeah, if you haven't checked out OS and simostools you should. It's way better than Eurodyne IMO (and Cobb too). This coming from the guy who went down the path of...
  11. Mk7Matt

    E85 SUCKS!

    Ruth's keepin dem pistons purdy.
  12. Mk7Matt

    Important PSA regarding improperly built TPC20 Turbos

    Yeah that's my bad. I don't go back to the first page of the thread when I notice it bump back up to the top. 16 pages so far and most of it anecdotal nonsense with no real data. It sucks that you had a shitty experience with TPC. I had a shitty turbo from Mabo. Maybe I should start a post...
  13. Mk7Matt

    Important PSA regarding improperly built TPC20 Turbos

    How does show that your setup spools as well or better than mine? How you can even remotely compare this to mine is laughable. I’ve seen plenty of Vortex and Vortex XL logs. From what I’ve seen mine spools faster than most and uses a lot less gate up top. Buddy of mine with a built motor...
  14. Mk7Matt

    Important PSA regarding improperly built TPC20 Turbos

    What turbo are you running? Have any data logs for comparison?