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  1. The Fed

    Nice to Know VWs are a Reliable as a Jeep :(

    Of course, more ads than content but what else is new.
  2. The Fed

    New Takata Airbay Story

    Everybody probably already knows about Takata's, but what about the other brands? I sent VWoA an email but I don't expect a reply other than, Takata airbags are not installed in your car. If all airbags use the same chemical, would they not be as susceptible especially in hot and humid...
  3. The Fed

    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    All I know is I remember when Taurus first started selling them in the U.S. They were (are?) an inexpensive gun that came with a lifetime guarantee. I never heard of any problems, but I would rather have one from a number of other manufacturers. One has been in business a lot longer and has...
  4. The Fed

    CSB3: It's Not About What You Fuck, It's WHO You Fuck

    Old guy want to know CSB is an acronym for. p
  5. The Fed

    Screwing Around with Porch Pirates

    Nice equipment!
  6. The Fed

    Demon Trans tries to bankrupt me, Ringer still sucks, at least it's not a DSG - that would be gay

    I was fine with hydraulic power steering, and no I didn't invent it. I had 2 cars w/o PS (one was an old '60 Chevy I learned to drove on and take the driver's test), I couldn't stand how many turns lock-to-lock they were with the large steering wheels on the older cars. I think I had one of...
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    Demon Trans tries to bankrupt me, Ringer still sucks, at least it's not a DSG - that would be gay

    I'm tired form looking at all 17 pages. OP: I would not buy a Tesla. I don't like any company with limited factory service options. I would not sell your car because of a clutch. OR at least I don't think much of the possible replacement choices. IMO, none are reliable. And to the member...
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    Government Regs Starting 2025

    Or if you have your head buried in the sand.
  9. The Fed

    The most expensive vehicle to operate in 2023.
  10. The Fed

    Tire Reccomendations

    Didn't know that! The weights were pretty small. but I didn't ask the weights.
  11. The Fed

    DQ381 Leaking (again)

    Bad luck? Right. Bad luck for them if they're caught being at fault.
  12. The Fed

    Car starts and shuts off (i think i fried something!)

    There are a few members here who probably know. I'm thinking you can't fry the electrical system that easily. Which terminals did you short out?
  13. The Fed

    Airbag module

    Your battery voltages are all over the place. They go from what seems to be too high to too low. Like was said, if your battery is more than 3 years old, get it tested, and check the alternator. Faults in wheel speed sensors can wreak havoc (I know) but I had the LF fault (which I believe...
  14. The Fed

    Lower Front Bumper 2016 MK7R

    No damage yet, but I wanted to study how to replace it. Does the entire bumper need to be removed?
  15. The Fed

    2024 R

    And I guess everyone knows the 2024's are available. I looked on VW's website and it's only available in lapiz, black, and white. The only white one listed in my area was a manual.
  16. The Fed

    2024 R

    At least the middle of the R's seats are real leather. I've been in cars with all real leather but never owned one myself. Years ago, I looked at a car I liked but it had Alcantara seats. I didn't even know it was fake, I just don't like suede. And I was too young to know what Naugahyde was...
  17. The Fed

    Wheel Touch-up Paint

    Anyone try this...
  18. The Fed

    New to me 2021 GTI - Do I need TPMS for winter wheels/tires?

    Or pay for new ones when the batteries wear out. I needed to replace them on my old MK5.
  19. The Fed

    New Key Options

    How would you know if a used transponder works? Would be a costly try if it did not. To anyone buying a vehicle with only one key, get the seller to provide two keys. You absolutely need two. If your one stops working, you'll need to tow the car to a dealer. Dealers need to see the car...
  20. The Fed

    Increase in Prices

    LOL, regular gas had just went up to 26-27 cents a gallon when I was 16.