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    2018 MK7.5 R LH side view mirror

    My LH was taken out here in Colorado last week as well. But mine was a friggin deer. Amost $700 to fix. I may have black duct tape on my car for a while.:mad:
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    Another New R Owner

    Well, I've been thinking about an R for a while. Unfortunately I have extremely specific things I want in a car and it was somewhat hard to find. I emailed a dealer on the other side of the state and he said he'd try to find one. Turns out he found one on a boat headed for the US. Well, I...
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    I agree. There was a time when I couldn't wait to watch the race. About halfway through the Chinese race, I turned it off. Just boring.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    I have a STI single stack and it's been flawless. I ordered it from Brazos in Texas and they offered a package where hey give it a good once over and adjust the trigger. I've been really happy with the gun. So I can't speak to the 2011, but that is the route I'd go again if I were gonna get a...
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    Nice looking truck. I know you’ll be happy with it.
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    Talk me out of leaving VW

    I’ve had two Ecoboost F-150’s and absolutely loved both of them. We bought a large toy hauler and had to get a dually, but my 2014 FX4 longbed ecoboost was probably my favorite truck I’ve ever owned. We pulled a 6000 pound camper with it, and it did a great job. I’ve had a number buddies with...
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    What car does your partner drive?

    That's my wife's exact car. Even the color.
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    What car does your partner drive?

    Mine has a 2013 BMW 335i x-drive. Great car. Then we share my Z at the track.
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    Dang, that's cheap. Mine's $150 per year. It's got a 600 yard range. I wish it were 1000 yards but I've got a buddy with a huge ranch for banging steel as far as you want to shoot. But Colorado is slowly turning into a Commie state as well. I've tried the USPSA game around here. Can't say I'm...
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    I just read today that they are going to start the races later this season. I like this decision. Maybe I'll get to see a few more races live than on the DVR. Seems better for those of us in the western hemisphere. But now they are banning grid girls. I just don't see the sense in this. Seems...
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    I couldn’t agree more. I wish they’d get rid of him. I had high hopes for Rossi.
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    Thoughts and ???

    Hey guys. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for a certified GTI. I was looking for a new Sport, but I think I waited too long. So I was wondering about this one. This one...