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    Any worries / thoughts buying seats from wreckers?

    I think they are - no electronic adjustments, presumably no heating, just good old manual adjustments and side airbags. I read somewhere while leather in the HL were standard, electric adjustments were extra. Maybe heating too? The ones I inspected seemed rather firm, and the outer sides of the...
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    Any worries / thoughts buying seats from wreckers?

    This may or may not sound silly, but would anyone have concerns buying seats from a wreckers where the car was totalled? I’m looking at leather seats front and rear from a 2016 Highline for my 2016 Trendline. The HL in question had front air bags deployed, but not the seat airbags. Didn’t see...
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    Anyone added the rear seat USB charger ports from China?

    I had been wondering about that! Where did you buy yours?
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    Rear seat removal issue

    I had another go when I put the bench back in. Easiest is to first remove the middle part, then press on the lighter colored logo on the bigger one as the pic above.
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    Rear seat removal issue

    I just did that this afternoon to remove the rear bench. Have you managed to remove anything? There’s also a black plastic surround in addition to the bit in the middle (for each latch). Check out some YouTube videos on removing the back seats.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    [Update: Found the thread that talked about this, solved!] I'd like to replace the rear vents with USB ports on my Mk7 that taps into the cigarette lighter / accessory plug. A YouTube video suggests I'd need to clear error codes after that. So is that because I've unplugged something and/or...