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    PDC Retrofit Question

    Reaper1 how long did delivery take?
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    hey, it looks great! nice work
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    Found my GTI replacement, introducing my 997.2 C2

    That's really beautiful car! (y)
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    Apple Carplay USB not connecting

    If you have VCDS, try to reset the module & paired phones with it.
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    As you said. You can trust this seller! :)
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    Seat belt buckle adjustment

    Better not to modify these safety elements
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    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... It's Not Christmas Until You See Hans Gruber

    I have a friend who is POSITIVE. He lives with her GF and baby. They are both NEGATIVE. wtf? :D
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    The mystery of the disappearing coolant... again!

    I've never had this problem.. but Look for dried coolant trails on the reservoir and around it as imthanick_a said.