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    2013-2014 NHL Season Thread.

    Sorry about the late post, but lets get started. Flyers and Sabres are off to really bad starts, the Sharks and Avalanche are doing veryyy good. There have been a number off crazy games like the Caps 7-0 ass whoopin over the Flyers. Anyone want to add anything feel free. Hawks hopefully...
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    2012-2013 NHL Playoffs.

    They start tomorrow. Imo it's going to be the Blackhawks and Penguins in the Stanley Cup final. :thumbsup:. Let the discussion begin.
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    Super Bowl XLVII.

    GO RAVENS!!!!! :thumbsup:
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    201-2013 NHL Season.

    It's back on boys!!! :thumbup:. Even though it's only a 48 game season, this is going to be a very interesting season. Let's go Hawks. :thumbsup:
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    Fable 3.

    Anyone on here play Fable 3?
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    NHL Lockout/2012-2013 Season

    I've been following the lockout ever since it started and i'm done with waiting. It's killing me that there is no hockey. :frown:. Anyways, if the season starts the Blackhawks will win the cup. :thumbsup:
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    EURO 2012

    Anyone following it. If so, who do you want to win it. My guess is either Spain or Germany. :thumbsup:
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    NHL 12

    Anybody play NHL 12 for 360?