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    2017 Golf R UK

    If anyone wishes to order a 2017 golf with the latest facelift the U.K. Order books are now open. DCC is not standard and LSG colour option has been removed however the virtual cockpit instrument cluster is standard so you'll get it from the off. Also it'll have the 7 speed DSG gearbox and the...
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    Hello all, I'm in the final stages of choosing the options for the R before I submit an order in February. I'm stuck on paint colours though, I love the lapiz blue but apparently it shows up swirls etc a lot, so it's between the blue, grey and silver. Does anyone have pictures of their cars in...
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    Hello all, I'm thinking about putting an order in for my first golf R in February when the order books open for the U.K, I'm going for the 7 speed DSG but I've heard that on the MK7 GTI that the shocks a creaking and playing up, is it worth getting bilstein DCC shocks and does anyone have the...