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    AC Issues / Not Working

    Last summer my 2018 GTI with only 12,000 miles on the clock AC system pretty much stopped working. Due to Covid I had hardly used it so only took it in for a service today. Initially it would go for a little bit, and I was generally only going very short distances over the last year. Last...
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    New Smoking Tire GTI Review / Revisit

    Quite a good new review from Matt Farrah just posted.
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    Buy now or wait for Mk8? Sarah reviews the 2020 GTI S

    Yeah, she is really good. She was a diesel mechanic I think in the Air Force.
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    Tires for GTI MK7

    Yep, me too. Pirrellis would wheel spin when you put the foot down. That is pretty much down to zero now with the A/S3+. Made it feel like a completely different car. Only thing is with no snow in DC this year I still haven't got to test their snow performance....
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    Its a bit more than that... It basically has the Golf R engine but is a GTI i.e. front wheel drive and a lot lighter. AND a flashy decal....
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    Thanks, was there a difference over regular GTI in your opinion? Also how does the rear splitter look in person (and rest of TCR kit) I got excited because the spitter is only a couple of hundred dollars to buy. I then realised I would have to get the front splitter and side skirts which cost...
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    Thanks! Definitely a bit more raspy/throaty.
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    Thanks. This is exactly what I am after! Just an extra inch of noise!
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    Perfect! That is awesome. Sounds like you installed it yourself. Looks like these cost around $500 or so. Overall do you think it was worth the money? Does it put an extra smile on your face when driving?
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    2018 GTI SE (leather) - chemical smell won't go away

    Never noticed anything in my new one when I got it... I wonder if there is a difference as to how long since it actually came off the line, vs one that has been sitting on a lot/shipping yard for a few months? Mine was built probably 4 - 5 months probably prior to buying it new.
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    I just found this one on YouTube which is pretty detailed on it. Unlike the previous video posted, he doesn't have a downpipe (although has stage 1 tune which theoretically doesn't effect it). He has it on a manual transmission. Sounds like it is pretty quiet when not driving aggressively but...
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    Has anyone installed a TCR Exhaust Yet?

    I have seen that these are beginning to be available as an available part. I am one of those people that prefer their car to be "stock" Is there a bit more additional noise and pops and crackles in these? Is it worth the change? NB: Just to update this, am looking for feedback from those...
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    Good Golf R Deals ATM

    Awesome! Pity no snow for a while in the DMV to test out the FWD in the R!
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    Good Golf R Deals ATM

    Just went and got my GTI serviced at my local dealer. Saw they had 5 Rs on display (usually only have one) then saw they actually have 16 in stock. Saw the other local dealer has about 18 in stock. Has a shipload of Rs arrived recently? They were priced from 37 - 39,000 are these good deals...
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    New MK 7.5 Owner from Ford

    Nice! The best two mods you can make are getting some good aftermarket paddles. It will make you actually use the shifters which make for a better driving experience. Also not sure which tires they come with in the UK but if you put some good performance tires on e.g. Pilot Sport 3+ AS it...
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    Door Ding With Paint Chip Repair DC Area

    So some miserable MFxxxing Lyft/Uber passenger put a big door/ding in my car last night. I could see it this morning from across the street but it was worse when I got close because I could see all the paint gouged out of the dent as well. Any idea how much roughly this will cost to fix...
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    Interesting Video on Winter/Summer/All Season

    This guy does the best reviews on tires. Really interesting one on the temperature performance changes in wet/dry on the different types of tires. He also uses a Golf for most of his tests.
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    Wheel Spin - Continental DWS06?

    Yeah they advertise the AS3+ as having a 28% improvement on the AS3s in snow. They must have been awful.....
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    Golf 8 coming 2020 in Europe

    Saw these drop yesterday! 2020 Golfs Apparently the GTI will be close to 300hp! Golf Rs in 2021 for Europe and apparently an R+ with close to 400hp.
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    How Many Miles till GTI Feels Properly Run In??

    I now have about 8500 miles on the GTI. I was just thinking that now it feels properly run in. By that I mean it feels much easier revving high to red line, more 'flowy', breaths better and the exhaust sounds a better now than it did even a couple of thousand miles ago. Not sure i am...