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    Replacing all drivetrain fluids on 4Motion

    My 4Motion wagon is coming up to 10k miles soon and as preventative maintenance I just wanted to change out all of the fluids to be safe. It might be overkill but better safe than sorry I guess. So far, I am doing some research and had a few questions and was hoping to get recommendations on...
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    Mirror parts and door modules

    I converted my mirrors to power folding ones and am just selling off the additional parts I have. All prices are shipped + paypal. I'm also open to offers. (Almost) brand new 592E/593E door modules. You would need these if you have a base Golf and want power folding mirrors. These won't work if...
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    Chewed up mudflap

    Sorry for the really weird question, but I took my 2019 GSW to go skiing yesterday, and on the way home, I kept hearing some scraping on some of the bigger bumps on the highway, but only on the driver's side. I got home and found my driver's side mudflap looking like this: The passenger side...
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    Audi Q5 roof rack on Golf Sportwagen?

    I’m looking for roof racks for my car and there seem to be tons of used racks for the Q5 available. Would that fit on the rails of my GSW by any chance? Some of them are so cheap I wouldn’t be opposed to cutting and modifying if needed (or possible).
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    Third brake light removal

    I have a wagon but I'm hoping it's the same as for the hatch as well. How do I remove the third brake light? Does it just pop out with a trim tool? Thanks!
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    Bay Area (San Jose) Alignment shops?

    Just put some Eibach springs on my Golf a few weeks ago and need an alignment before getting tires... where should I go? I usually go to Elite Performance in Burlingame, but they're not open on weekends and I don't want to take a day off work to go on a weekday. Anywhere closer that can do a...
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    Chronicles of ruining my 2019 Golf Sportwagen 6MT 4Motion

    So it turns out that I have a bad habit of ruining whatever car I get my hands on, such as my always broken Miata: Or my previous car, a 2018 Crosstrek: I never was super happy with the Crosstrek, as it was just too slow and not super practical. I always missed my old Outback: so I...
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    Rear differential as a jack point

    Just curious for you R/Alltrack/GSW 4Motion owners - Can I use the rear differential as a jack point? I've always used the differential as a jack point on every other car I've owned. I noticed on the Project Alltrack video, DAP says they use the rear differential as a jack point. Thanks!
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    Shift knob adapter

    Does anyone sell a shift knob adapter to use standard threaded shift knobs (M12x1.25 is specifically what I'm looking for).
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    First oil change - wait till 10k?!

    So I know the first oil change isn't until 10,000 miles, but on all my cars I've always changed the oil after the break in period (around 1k miles). I don't know if this helps, but it certainly makes me feel better that I'm not using break in oil for the full service interval. I was planning on...