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    Things/Upgrades/Parts Made by Forum Members

    This is a compilation thread of the things made by forum members. This does not include things made by forum members who work for a company who makes a part. For that item to make the list, it must be something that the forum member is going to sell to others. I. Engine/Drivetrain/etc...
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    GTI Side Skirts Soft Plastic?

    The OEM side skirt is this plastic that seems pretty soft. Anyone have ways of keeping it from getting scratched up and gouged up? Anyone know of a gloss black or a carbon fiber GTI side skirt replacement? I'd like to keep it the OEM style... but just carbon fiber or gloss black.
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    Paint gone under grommet Service Lift Points?

    On the bottom of the car, there are grommets on the "frame rail" near the rear of the vehicle (between the front and rear wheels, right before you get to the rear wheel). These grommets are circles and there are 2 on each side near each other. This is basically what you would have before you...
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    Bored Out Throttle Body

    Started doing some research cause a buddy at work just got a bored out TB for his challenger. Apparently, we have one available: I know it says it's for a mk5 and mk6, but I believe that this also fits the mk7. Our factory...
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    18" tallest tires

    Do you guys know what the tallest tire size I can use without rubbing/rolling fenders/fender screw mod/etc? Reason I ask is because while I am super careful about things in the road and potholes, I'm almost scraping at stock height to get in my own driveway. I live in a suburb so it's not like...
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    2019 Rabbit Edition Rear Spoiler Extension/Lip

    Anyone know the part number for the lip spoiler/spoiler extension on the 2019 rabbit edition? I'm assuming that spoilers for the Mk7.5 will be the same as the Mk7?
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    Aluminum Filter Housing

    There are aftermarket filter housing that replaces the existing factory oil filter housing and DSG filter housing with aluminum, finned filter housings. Anyone have any feedback on these finned, replacement housing? The various ones available claim it helps dissipate heat better. Anyone have...
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    Problem was on my end in seeing posts from other sections.
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    Touch Up Paint From Body Shop - Durability question

    I have a rock chip on my rocker panel (not on the textured part) that was down to primer. I'm looking to get this touched up since the touch up paint by Dr. Color Chip and Langka are all solvent based paints and pretty much come off if a solvent is exposed (like rubbing alcohol). This is an...
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    2018 Golf R Rear Spoiler Extension

    From the video someone posted a while back of the 2018 Golf R, it looks like there is a spoiler extension available that is similar to the Maxton one. Has there been a part number located or a picture of the part? All there seems to be is the picture taken from the video of the Golf R in the...
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    Removing Rear Bumper - Wires

    Had a body shop touch up some scratches on my rear bumper. They had to take off the rear bumper to do so. I went back to check on their work after it was completed and noticed a wire on the passenger side on the bottom of the vehicle at the rear bumper. Started looking at trailer hitch...
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    Paint Indentions

    I noticed something weird about the factory paint. The bumper paints seem to be really soft. If you take your fingernail and push on the paint on the rear bumper, you can leave a small indention. Not really noticeable. However, if you do this on painted metal, there is no indention...
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    Engine Torque Damper

    Wonder if anyone makes one for the GTI. I know the S2000 and Rx7 crowd runs them. Install takes about 15 minutes. No issues with having to jack the car up or anything like that. Would be a decent addition to anyone not wanting to replace the mounts. Should work on the GTI/R/Golf pretty well...
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    Turbo Inlet Pipe (TIP) Comprehensive Thread

    Turbo Inlet Pipe Comprehensive Thread I. Introduction II. Installation Guides III. Technical Section IV. Who makes a replacement? V. Additional References I. Introduction The 90 degree bend that is at the entrance of your turbocharger. The piece is made of plastic and has a restrictive area...
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    Front Grill Cutout on Driver Side

    Was browsing some parts and trying to find an Oettinger front grill and notice that they have a cut out on both driver and passenger side on top of the grill. Started looking for a place to buy them and stumbled across this...
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    Dogbone fill instead of inserts

    Tossed this idea around a while back in another thread but figured I'd post this up as a separate thread. The idea is that instead of putting in an insert and dealing with re-torquing everything, people could just fill it. The idea would be to NOT fill the entire insert but rather just the...
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    Windshield Replacement - Things to watch out for (checklist)

    So just got my windshield replaced. You'll want to pay attention to a couple things as it was pretty bad for me. Number 2 pretty much sums up my experience. 1. When they replace the windshield, make sure they have the rubber trim at the bottom of the windshield. This NEEDS to be there. 2...
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    Snow guard may not actually be a snow guard

    I think I figured out the snowguard conundrum. It was widely accepted before as it was used to prevent snow. Working on a process system at work sparked an idea and I figured I would post it. The baffled piece is not a snow guard. Rather I believe that it is baffled to ensure even...
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    DSG Information and Upgrades Thread

    Preface The information provided here is from my own knowledge and also my own research. This is for information purposes only. For those of you that are going to say the DSG is stupid and pointless, or point out any other things in that nature... Congratulations. It’s not your money that...
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    Check Oil Level Light

    Was driving to work and the Check Oil Level Light came on. I finished the mile to work, parked, waiting 5 min, then checked the oil level. Oil level was at the lowest notch. I went back inside my office and called the nearest dealership (5 miles away) so that I could grab some oil to top it...