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    The first time you fell in love...with a GTI.

    I turned 18 in 1985. If my first GTI love didn't happen when I first read about the Mk1, it was the first time I drove one. It only took me 34 years to pull the trigger...
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    2018 GTI SE (leather) - chemical smell won't go away

    Smoking will also make your nose less sensitive, so it's a win-win, LOL. Seriously though, my non-sensitive nose hasn't noticed anything beyond a brief period of new-car smell.
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    PSA: Neuspeed Wheels have a reduced cost road hazard replacement program

    As it turns out, my RSE16 are being discontinued (which is a whole other can of worms, and the reason I usually don't buy aftermarket wheels :( ), so they're on sale. And normal wheel purchases include free shipping, while the road hazard discount does not, so the wheel will be cheaper if I...
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    PSA: Neuspeed Wheels have a reduced cost road hazard replacement program

    Excellent, thanks for posting! I recently scuffed one of my Neuspeeds, and this will bring replacement cost down to a little less than refinish cost! This ought to be a sticky!
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    Any tuner shops in Westchester or Fairfield?

    Thanks Sam! I'll pass them along.
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    Ask Me Anything: Lug Nut, Bolts and Wheel Locks!

    If you use red loctite, the studs aren't supposed to be able to come out without using a torch. I would consider them disposable at that point. I'd probably use blue.
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    Cracked rim... options?

    Read the details on the autorimshop wheel. It's refurbished. I wouldn't buy it. Personally, I'd just find the best deal, shipping included, on a new genuine wheel and be done with it. Check the labor price at your local tire shops, which is where I'd have it done. You could look at...
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    Any tuner shops in Westchester or Fairfield?

    A friend wants to get his Touareg tuned, doesn't want to go to the Bronx, etc...
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    ICE screen sometimes slow to come on

    I think it only happens if I plug the phone in before starting the car.
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    TDI rims on GTI?

    Generally 17" wheels will fit the R-size brakes on your SE. Unless you can get confirmation from someone who has used those exact wheels on a big-brake GTI, it wouldn't hurt to make a quick test fit. If you can figure out the VW style name for your wheels, you may find the answer in a search...
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    TDI rims on GTI?

    What size are the TDI wheels? What GTI model do you have?
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    The never ending GTI story...

    Where are you exactly? My friends swear by a shop in the Bronx, but wherever "Central NY" is, it's probably too far...
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    Very much. My brain is a messy place. I was trying to find the right balance of my priorities of fun-to-drive, reliability, fuel efficiency, roominess, total cost, quiet/comfortable driving experience, and not being silly-looking, and those cars all had interesting combinations of those...
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

    Cars I seriously thought about buying when I got my GTI: Accord Sport Charger Scat Pack used Lexus LS430 Enjoy it!
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    Is this totaled?

    KBB is ~$10K. Total seems likely. Didn't you have another wreck thread in the last year?
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    clutch slipping at 19K mi?

    Hey y'all-- My 2018 GTI SE has 19K miles. I bought it new with 100 miles. I'm almost 52 years old and for the last 35 years I've operated manual transmissions in everything from a 125cc motorcycle to a tractor trailer. My car has NO power mods and never has. Stone stock except wheels/tires...
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    ICE screen sometimes slow to come on

    I tried searching but the searches I could think of didn't have any useful results. Sometimes when I start the car, my center screen takes a minute to start up. It seems to be random. I have my i-phone plugged in most of the time I'm in the car, but probably not always. When it happens I get...
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    17x9 wheels?

    Hey y'all-- I'd like to put 17" wheels on my '18 SE. To keep the same tire diameter I need 255/40, and that means I need 9" wide wheels, and I want them 22lb or less, and no more than ~$350 ea. Neuspeed, which is what I'd really like to have, doesn't make any 17x9. Tire Rack doesn't sell any...
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    Free oil extractor, local pickup only

    I got a ~$45 oil extractor on Amazon and used it for the first time yesterday. My plan was to change the oil and do some work on my VFR at the same time. I had driven the car for 30 minutes a while before, so I figured that was good enough. I hooked up the extractor, pumped it about 30 times...
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    2019 VW Tiguan

    Yup, it's a clunky, jerky automatic.